Katy Perry's New Music Video Stars Her Lookalike Zooey Deschanel & It's ICONIC


Katy Cats everywhere are doing a double take watching Katy Perry's "Not The End Of The World" music video, and for good reason. Fellow A-lister and notable Perry lookalike, actress Zooey Deschanel, starred in the brand new video, released on Dec. 21, as a blue-haired reincarnation of the Teenage Dream singer. The cosmic visuals are beyond iconic, and fans are losing their minds over the 2020-appropriate song title, too.

Fans have noted Perry and Deschanel's resemblance to one another for a long time now, so it was a real treat to finally see them collaborate. In the video for the song, off Perry's 2020 album Smile, Deschanel encounters a group of aliens who mistakenly abduct her instead of Perry. That doesn't stop Deschanel from donning some of Perry's legendary looks, and of course, her blue wig from the "California Gurls" video. It's a fun romp, and despite facing the apocalypse, Deschanel saves the world and performs for the Katy Cat aliens.

For the premiere of the epic collab, Perry and Deschanel went live on Instagram to celebrate and answer a ton of burning fan questions about the making of the video and Perry's newest record. "For so long, we've had this funny relationship ... obviously, people think we look alike," Perry said at the outset of the livestream.

"I've had full conversations with people where they thought I was [Katy]" Deschanel confirmed. "It was fun that we could work together and kind of make fun of it ourselves." While the two stars don't look so much alike these days, with Perry sporting sleek platinum-blonde hair and Deschanel still rocking her famous brown bangs, it seems both manage to get mistaken for one another to this day. "We get the last laugh!"

During the livestream, Deschanel noted Perry was very involved in the process of filming the music video despite only making a brief cameo with a baby carriage. Perry was on maternity leave at the time, but still managed to put all the pieces together for the out-of-this-world scenes. "You still were so involved ... I'm just so impressed with your work ethic," Deschanel complimented Perry.