Katy Perry Left The Thirstiest Comments On Orlando Bloom's Sexy IG, Because Why Not?

by Jamie LeeLo
Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Where there is a sexy photo of Orlando Bloom, there is also a sweating Katy Perry. The "365" singer is newly engaged to the timeless heartthrob and regularly shouts her admiration for his, uh, assets. Bloom recently shared an onslaught of photos of himself in an Instagram carousel which Perry must have smelled coming from a mile away. She immediately attacked his comments section and has fans lol-ing like whoa. Katy Perry's comments on Orlando Bloom's sexy Instagram are so amazing, and equally thirsty fans are jealous AF of these two fiancés.

As you might recall, Perry and Bloom's engagement has been a long time coming. They've played a game of on-again, off-again since 2016, but are finally on-again for life. Perry announced their engagement the day after Valentine's Day when she showed off her stunning flower-shaped bauble, complete with eight diamonds and a giant oval-shaped ruby on Instagram. Since then, fans have been living for PerryBloom updates, which makes her most recent rant on his smoldering photos so much fun.

Bloom took to his own Instagram account over the weekend of March 23 to share some choice photos from his photoshoot with Love Magazine. It helps if you can read the descriptions in a sexy, low voice and very very slowly in your mind (an English accent is optional)...

The first photo shows Bloom looking relaxed as he leans against a sunny wall. His yellow shirt is unbuttoned, like, really low, exposing his damn-near-perfect chiseled chest. In the second photo, fans are treated to a tank-top-wearing Bloom hanging out on a diving board, and the third photo is an up-close shot of that pristine face. The final two pictures are a little more playful showing him diving into the pool in a shiny green tracksuit and standing shirtless in a driveway with a beauty face mask on.

It's a lot to take in. So much so that even his own fiancée could barely stand the heat.

Perry went to town in the comments. She made four independent posts, writing in all capitals, "SHE SAID HELL YAS," "I HAVE A FEVER," "I'M SWEATING," and "I'M FOAMING AT THE MOUTH."


Obviously, people ate it up. While some people in the comments were talking about Bloom's photos, most people were just laughing at Perry's response.

The beauty of this couple is that nothing feels off limits. Their love seems so genuine and, well, fun. I mean, who could forget that time Perry jokingly asked Bloom is he was 100 percent sure he wanted to marry her while watching American Idol? Too cute.

Right now, there is no set wedding date or timeline, but I can just see their ceremony and reception in my mind. In my imagination, Perry is wearing that Orlando Bloom onesie down the aisle and he's waiting for her with sparkling, spinning candy canes. Knowing how comfortable she is with sharing, hopefully fans will be let in on all the juicy, delicious wedding details when she has them.