Katy Perry Revealed What Her Met Gala Look Would've Been & Naturally, It Was Unreal

Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Katy Perry is the queen of costumes. From her outfits at previous Met Galas to her music video ensembles to her concert attire, the singer knows how to make a moment with her clothes. And 2020’s Met Gala, though the main event was unfortunately postponed, is no different. On Monday, April 4, Perry showed her what-would-be Met Gala outfit in an Instagram post, and it looks so cool.

Perry has a history of turning out some eccentric, on-theme looks every May for the Costume Institute’s gala, and she seemed to have a baby-bump moment planned for this year. According to her post, Perry was prepared to bless fans with a Jean-Paul Gaultier look. The copper cone bra-top connected to a circular corset piece that highlighted her baby bump and gave off serious Madonna in the ‘90s vibes. Sadly, that’s all Perry revealed about her look, but given her giant chandelier costume in 2019, I have no doubt the full 2020 outfit would’ve been amazing.

The first Monday (and, subsequently, the rest of the week) in May is usually reserved for observing and commenting on Met Gala looks, but not this year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the annual fashion event has been postponed indefinitely. But that didn’t stop celebrities from displaying what could have been. Instead, the gala went digital with a live-stream hosted by Vogue that included a look back on past Met Galas, a message from Anna Wintour, and some celebrity appearances from Florence Welch, Virgil Abloh, and more. Given that this year’s theme was “About Time: Fashion and Duration,” a live-stream definitely brings an appropriately futuristic edge.

Perry isn’t the only celebrity to give fans a taste of what they were missing. Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts both took to Instagram to show off the poufy, tulle dresses they had planned on wearing. Amanda Seyfried had planned to go with something more Little House on the Prairie­- inspired. Although they didn’t show off their would-be looks, longtime Met Gala red carpet dates Andy Cohen and Sarah Jessica Parker posted their socially distant stoop hangout on Instagram in honor of the first Monday in May in their casual, quarantine ‘fits. And honestly, their masks are pretty on theme.

Although fashion fans can’t spend the next week, month, and year discussing the Met Gala fails and successes the way they’re used to, at least there was a small glimpse into what could have been. Hopefully, fans will get to experience the full event eventually – even if a show called “About Time” never physically taking place is pretty avant-garde.