Twitter Noticed Katy Perry's Met Gala Outfit Looks Like It's Inspired By This Classic Disney Character

David Fisher/Shutterstock

As you probably know by now, Katy Perry is the queen of camp when it comes to her personal style. She takes fashion to its absolute limit on most occasions and is never shy about doing it. And that makes this year’s Met Gala theme the perfect one for her! This year’s theme is “Camp” and Perry went big! She went so big that fans are kind of making fun of her for it. These Katy Perry 2019 Met Gala memes will definitely make you laugh!

So, Perry was dressed as a literal chandelier. I mean, her dress was encircled by candles and Perry walked the pink carpet holding her hands up as if she was Lumiere himself. Needless to say, it's easy to understand why everyone would immediately start meme-ing her look. I don't know about you, but I feel like Perry is one of the most meme-able celebrities in Hollywood. She kind of strives for it with her fashion choices, so she should probably expect this at this point. All in all, though, she seemed super proud to be wearing her chandelier dress.

Fans, on the other hand, are having a field day with this look. Here's what fans are saying about Perry's dress right now:

Obviously, Perry's look probably didn't quite go over as planned. But hey, at least the internet got some memes out of it. You know what else is meme-worthy about Perry? The fact that she was caught on television picking a wedgie. On the Sunday, May 5 episode of American Idol, Perry was caught on camera doing the unthinkable. But she was a good sport about it.

"Whatever!" she told ET's Sophie Schillaci after it happened.

And on Twitter, she shared some of her thoughts about the now infamous moment.

"Welp. I got caught picking my wedgie on national television AND we had to send one of my favorite idols ever @jlloydharmon home. Pour me another one, bartender," she wrote.

So, she definitely handled it like a pro just like she's handling her chandelier dress at the Met Gala. I mean, look at that thing:

It takes some serious skill to walk the pink carpet and up the steps with all that hanging over your head. But Perry did a great job.

One person missing from this picture though is her fiancé Orlando Bloom. Unfortunately, he was no where in sight, but I'm sure he's looking on from wherever he is and beaming. Only Katy Perry would be so bold to wear a literal chandelier to an event like this. So, Bloom is probably super proud of his bride-to-be. She's a unique person, that's for sure.

Who else would be showing off their many wigs like this?

And who else would actually wear them with no shame? Cher, maybe. But Perry is definitely in a league of her own when it comes to personal style. I can't wait to see what she does next year at the Met Gala!