Lady Gaga Fans Think Katy Perry Shaded 'A Star Is Born,' So They're Not Happy

Jeff Spicer/Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Lady Gaga has been reborn as a movie star with the release of A Star Is Born on Oct. 5. The movie is getting rave reviews and Gaga's performance is getting Oscar buzz, but some fans were afraid that one of her fellow pop stars wasn't feeling the movie nor Gaga's role in it. According to Gaga stans on Twitter, Katy Perry shaded A Star Is Born, but the drama has been proven to be unfounded given that Perry saw the movie and posted about how much she loved it. The drama just ain't that deep this time, fam. And it all started because of a couple of men. *Sighs* Typical.

The drama all started on Oct. 6 when Twenty One Pilots remade the Star Is Born poster with themselves as Gaga and Bradley Cooper, then changed the title to say "A Trench Is Born." It was a joke to promote their new album, Trench, which released the same day as Bradley Cooper's masterpiece (masterpiece, I tell you!!) and its corresponding soundtrack. It was funny for sure, but what Gaga stans didn't find funny at all was that Katy Perry liked the tweet. Was this the spark of a pop star war?! Are Perry and Gaga rivals?! No, but some fans made it seem that way.

Twenty One Pilot's tweet said, "make the right decision today at your local record store, online, or wherever cds are sold. our new album TRENCH is out now."

People were not pleased that Perry liked Twenty One Pilot's tweet and thought it was shading Gaga and A Star Is Born.

Some people were coming for Perry hard in response to her liking that tweet. But honestly... was it even necessary? No. The answer is no. The photo Twenty One Pilots posted was funny, and mind you, I'm a Gaga stan. It was the perfect way to joke about their album and the Star Is Born movie and soundtrack coming out the same day. And Perry liking the tweet isn't throwing any shade at Gaga.

Regardless, it appears that Perry has since removed her like from the tweet.

And y'all, she saw the movie and loved it! There is no shade here! Only love!

On Oct. 9, Perry posted a photo of her holding seven A Star Is Born ticket stubs and said, "Incredibly moving and authentic. Congrats friends @ladygaga#bradleycooper," she said in her caption. See! She went with a big group of people! Everything is fine.

Some Gaga stans are eating crow now. Others are wondering why the shade from fans happened in the first place.

Ladies of the internet (and I mean that as a gender-neutral term), lend me your ears. Let us not pit women against each other as a result of the actions of men, eh? Especially when these two women are Lady Freaking Gaga and Katy Perry. And also when the actions of said men weren't even bad. We stan supportive queens!