This Girl Sends Exit Surveys To Every Guy She Dates For The Most Genius Reason

Instagram/ktmillertime + Courtesy Katie

Real talk — is there anything more frustrating than getting ghosted? At first, you might wonder if they're trapped in a long meeting, or if their phone fell into a lake, or if they simply found you the most boring person on the planet. Soon, after a few therapy sessions with your BFF group chat, you might feel frantic or hopeless. But now, a genius solution has emerged. After getting ghosted, one girl decided to send exit surveys to every guy she dates to figure out exactly why the budding relationship wasn't working out.

On Sunday, Sept. 30, Katie, a 21-year-old senior at Georgetown University who goes by @kmillertime9 on Twitter, created a simple survey on Google Docs and sent it to eight people she had previously dated, either casually or seriously.

A note at the top of the survey explained:

Hi! If you are receiving this, your correspondence with Katie must have mysteriously, or not so mysteriously, stopped. Either something happened or one of us just lost interest. To help Katie's future dating experiences, please fill out this form. Before you delete my number, please fill out this survey.

Katie's survey went viral on Twitter after her friend Abby tweeted screenshots of it on Sunday, Sept. 30.

"I started doing this because I was getting ghosted, and because of the nature of ghosting, I felt embarrassed to ask why," Katie tells Elite Daily. "So I decided to come up with an equally passive-aggressive approach to see if there is anything I should be doing differently."

Her goal is to gain honest, helpful responses from her dates in order to understand why those relationships weren't panning out.

"I keep thinking things are going great, and then suddenly, the interest is gone," Katie says. "I thought it would be cool to pinpoint what was going on."

The survey questions range from the delightfully straightforward "What is wrong with Katie?" and "What is wrong with you?" to "What could Katie have done to enhance this experience for you?" There's also an option for survey recipients to refer Katie to a friend who might be a better match.

So far, Katie has received responses from a few people.

"Because I no longer talk to the men I sent it to, the responses have largely been self-selecting nice guys," she says. "I haven't found out any interesting tips from it, but I have given some guys a good laugh."

She describes the responses as "mostly funny," though "some guys were offended."

"My favorite [response] was being told I needed to make more tater tots," she says.


Regardless of how helpful any of the survey responses turn out to be, Katie hopes that she encourages people to behave more kindly after a romantic flame fizzles out.

"I did this mostly to be funny and to point out how passive-aggressive post-dating interactions are," she tells Elite Daily.

With more than 20,000 likes on Twitter, it's safe to say that plenty of people found her funny.

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