Katharine McPhee Just Got Engaged To Gigi & Bella's Ex-Stepdad & I'm Shook

by Candice Jalili
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LOVE IS IN THE AIR, PEOPLE! Just yesterday, my boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary at the beach-side bar we met at exactly two years ago. I really thought it was the perfect day. But, apparently, it could have been much better. I only say this because Katharine McPhee and David Foster got engaged in what pretty much seems like the most romantic setting ever.

While proposals always tend to be pretty romantic, McPhee and Foster's was even more dreamy than usual. How, you ask? Oh, well, according to TMZ, he just casually decided to pop the question while they were on their breathtakingly beautiful Italian vacation. Seriously, if you haven't been keeping up with the pics, I'd highly recommend you start following both of the stars. Expect lots of beautiful sunset pictures that give you a level of FOMO that you never realized you were capable of feeling.

And once you're finished stalking them, imagine that somewhere between the boat rides and sunset walks, Foster, 68, got down on one knee and proposed to his fellow musician, 34-year-old McPhee. McPhee's rep, Leslie Sloan, confirmed the couple's engagement to PEOPLE.

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If you weren't totally in the loop about Foster and McPhee's romantic relationship, that's probably because they were trying to keep their courtship under wraps until now.

Rumors about a potential relationship started swirling about back in September 2017 after Erin Foster (David Foster's daughter) posted a photo of the couple together in LA with the caption "excited about my new stepmom."

Erin also hasn't been shy about her support for the couple in the past. “She’s amazing,” Foster's 35-year-old daughter told PEOPLE of McPhee. “I really like her. She’s awesome.” She continued, “My dad is kind of a hopeless romantic, and Katharine’s awesome. We really, really like her, and we’ve known her for a really long time. And if he’s happy, we’re happy.”

Despite his daughter's willingness to chat about his love life, McPhee and Foster have kept extremely quiet about their relationship. In fact, McPhee once told PEOPLE that she literally had “zero desire” to address rumors of her relationship with David Foster. “It’s great that they want to do that. I think it’s so amusing that people are amused by my love life,” she added to the publication. “Here’s how I look at it: I’m not doing anything wrong, so whether people think it’s true or false, I don’t, you know, there’s nothing bad happening in my life, so people can just say whatever they want."

Despite their refusal to talk about their relationship, the pair have still decided to attend many high profile events together, including this year's Met Gala at which McPhee admitted to Entertainment Tonight she enjoyed a “fun date night” with her bae.

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While PEOPLE reports that this will be McPhee's second marriage after divorcing her ex Nick Cokas, this will definitely not be Foster's first time around the marriage block.

Actually, Foster's five marriages make him one of the most well-connected men in Hollywood. Vanity Fair even called him "patient zero" of the Kardashian phenomenon. Here's why. First, the musician was married to singer B.J. Cook, with whom he shares daughter Amy (a songwriter like himself). After Cook, Foster went on to marry Rebecca Dyer, with whom he shares daughters Sara, Erin and Jordan. (If you don't already, I HIGHLY recommend you follow Sara and Erin on Instagram. They're hilarious and have a show coming out about Erin's ~complicated~ relationship with her father.)

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Next, Foster married Linda Thompson. And here's where things get interesting. Thompson was Caitlyn Jenner's first wife, and is the mom of Brody and Brandon. That officially links the Fosters to the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

After Thompson, Foster's most recent marriage was to Yolanda Hadid, Bella and Gigi's mom. So, yeah, he's their ex-stepdad.

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So, in marrying Foster, yes, McPhee is hopefully marrying the love of her life... but she's also joining one of the most well well connected circles Hollywood has to offer.


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