Everyone Is Talking About Kate Middleton's Dress That Benefits Human Trafficking Survivors

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Everything Kate Middleton wears is sophisticated, stylish, and perfectly tailored; this I know to be true. So when she hits us with an outfits that's got a little something extra, I'm even more impressed. This is exactly the case in regards to Kate Middleton's green Beulah dress worn this week on a visit to Family Action Lewisham. She decided to wear a dress that gives back, while checking out a charity that gives back — I mean, can you think of a more on-brand, appropriate ensemble? Middleton's sense of style was on full display in this look, but so was her kindness and generosity, and because of this, the outfit was truly a 10 out of 10.

On Tuesday, Middleton visited a charity in London called Family Action Lewisham, where the mission is to provide financial aid and emotional stability to poor, disadvanted, or isolated families. Apparently, it wasn't Middleton's first time checking out the charity, as Marie Claire reports that she visited during her pregnancy in 2017. Typically, a visit such as this is more about the good work being done than a royal's attire, but because she knows just how many news sources report on her style, Middleton decided to use her outfit to give a second great organization some attention.

Middleton wore a dark green dress by Beulah, paired with large diamond earrings, a black belt, and a simple clutch:

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Yes, this dress is definitely fitting for Middleton's go-to style, but there's likely a more heartfelt reason why she went with this particular pick. Beulah, a London-based company, is self-described as "a luxury womenswear brand with a social mission," and prides itself on employing survivors of human trafficking so as to ensure they receive fair wages and break the cycle of poverty, thereby giving many women a second chance and an opportunity to move past their trauma.

Middleton most definitely had the brand's beautiful mission in mind as she let photographers snap photos of her wearing the dress:

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Middleton is smart; she knows the items she wear regularly sell out, so what better way to promote a brand that gives back? Just by wearing one of their pieces on a major outing like this charity visit, Middleton can spark sales that benefit Beulah and therefore give back to human trafficking survivors. All this while visiting another charity, mind you, so Middleton really killed two birds with one stone. Or, rather, she gave life to two charities with one dress. Something like that.

Of course, after seeing how fabulous she looks, it's no surprise many want to buy the dress for themselves:

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The frock is none other than the Yahvi Tailored Midi Dress ($770, in "Olive Green," and it's available for a 6-week pre-order on the brand's website. It does appear that Middleton's version has been tailored so that the bell sleeves reach a more fitted end, and Beulah assured commentors on Instagram that this bespoke alteration could certainly be arranged for anyone interested. The same dress already for sale on their site in both navy blue and pale pink versions, in case you want to snag it ASAP.

Shout out to Middleton for serving looks and being charitable. Seriously, what more could we ask of her?