If You Hate Running, These 5 Workout Tips From Karlie Kloss Are Sure To Change Your Mind

by Caroline Burke

Running is definitely not everyone's cup of tea, and that's totally fine. For people who've never been runners, it can be daunting to consider starting. Where do you even begin, especially if you've never built up that kind of endurance before? In my honest opinion, it becomes a little bit more approachable when you learn that it's the most popular of Karlie Kloss' workouts.

Running is one of the simplest, yet most effective workouts you can do. If that doesn't sway you, consider this: The runners' high that you get after pounding the pavement is comparable to the feeling you get while smoking pot. Pretty neat, right?

As effortless as she's made it look more recently, Karlie Kloss has been open about how much she originally didn't want to run when she was younger. Since making the decision to start running to train for the Paris half-marathon, Kloss recently completed her first full marathon in New York City. Seeing as how she's a massively successful model and a newfound entrepreneur, not to mention the fact that she just nailed a Forbes cover, it might be worth reading some of her reasons and tips for running, even if you can't imagine yourself ever doing it. Here's how the supermodel taught herself to genuinely love and look forward to running as part of her workout routine.

Find What Inspires You And Stick To It
Klossy on YouTube

Everyone's different, of course, so finding the environment that helps you personally enjoy running is super important. Some people love treadmills because they allow you to see how fast you're going and how far you've gone at all times, while others prefer the outdoors because it's more distracting and can feel more natural.

Karlie Kloss prefers to run outside at all times. She told Runner's World,

I'm not into staying on a treadmill. That’s one reason why I waited so long to start running—a treadmill is not the most inspiring way to do it.
Mentally Set Yourself Up For Success

Physical activity may be, well, physical, but it's largely mental in its nature, too. Setting yourself up to succeed in a workout is all about putting yourself in the right mindset to feel motivated and make the most of your sweat sesh. Make it a point to go into your workout feeling confident, even if you're low-key "faking it 'til you make it."

In an interview with ACTIVE, Kloss noted her immense fear of running that she had to overcome in order to start training. She explained,

I just self-selected out. I was like, "I'm not a runner. That's not me." And then in 2015, I was like, "Sure. I'm going to try a half marathon. Zero to sixty."
Embrace Healthy Competition

Sometimes a little bit of healthy competition is exactly what you need to push yourself to the next level.

Competition doesn't have to be with other people, although fellow runners can be an excellent source for that, as well as a source of support. But if you're pounding some pavement solo, you can definitely still compete with yourself by doing things like tracking your times and pushing yourself to go a little faster, a little further, or both.

In her interview with ACTIVE, Kloss talked about her competitive nature as a major factor in training:

I'm competitive. If somebody's running faster, even just a little bit, it makes me rise up and try to keep up with them.
Take Your Post-Workout Plan As Seriously As The Workout Itself

Fueling your body in healthy ways will have a massive impact on how you perform throughout the day, not just when you're actually working out. Take your recovery time seriously, and make room in your routine for stretching, hydrating, and consuming the proper amount of calories and nutrients to balance out your workout.

Kloss' number one post-workout tip? Hydration. The Victoria's Secret model told Well+Good,

Lots of water! Before and after every workout, I make sure to drink a ton of water and refuel my body with a protein shake and plenty of nutrients.
Consider Your Run An Opportunity To Refresh Your Mind

Going for a run is the perfect excuse for you to take a breath from the chaos of your day, recalibrate your brain, and bring yourself back to center. In the same way some people turn to meditation, you can throw some sneakers on and go for a jog when you need to clear your mind.

Kloss told Runner's World,

Running helps me clear my mind and gives me uninterrupted time to think. I also always feel re-centered and ready to take on the day after a really good run.