Kaitlyn Bristowe & Shawn Booth's Sweetest Moments On Instagram Will Have You Swooning
by Korey Lane
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There's no denying the fact that The Bachelor is one of the most entertaining television franchises to exist. The super attractive people, the possibility of finding love, and the epic fights make it fun to watch, sure, but the contestants who actually end up "winning" and finding their soulmate make it worth watching every season. Enter: Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth. These two are ultimate goals, and Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth's sweetest moments on Instagram prove that their love is built to last beyond reality TV.

In case you missed it, Bristowe and Booth met in 2015, on season 11 of The Bachelorette when Bristowe was looking for love. The two got engaged on the series finale, and while they've dealt with a lot of criticism for being engaged for so long, they remain happily in love despite recent breakup rumors. So, what's their secret? How do they stay so in love and committed to each other while staying super busy and living fun, full lives? Well, to be honest, the answer might just be hidden in their social media interactions. Obviously, when you're as busy as these two, you have to find ways to make each other feel special, and it definitely seems like Instagram is how they do just that.

They're like, super attractive together.
kaitlynbristowe on Instagram

Bristowe and Booth are like the cool couple who always has fun and doesn't even need to put in that much effort. This photo from the Fourth of July proves that no matter what they're doing, they're happy together.

When Bristowe wrote the sweetest caption for their anniversary.
kaitlynbristowe on Instagram

In a caption under her post for the couple's anniversary, Bristowe shared how she and Booth's relationship evolved, and it's so inspiring.

"3 years ago we were on a show that has the most extravagant dates, allows people to travel the world, and makes you fall in love in perfect settings," she explained. "But the truth is I fell in love even harder after all of that was gone. We have traveled, created so many memories and traditions, with whatever setting we are in. Here’s another one to add to the list. Derby with you was a perfect way to spend our anniversary. (After family time) I love you Shawn B. We are so derby chic. Ps how mad are we this pic cuts off our shoe game."


When they went back to the spot of their first, no-cameras date.
kaitlynbristowe on Instagram

Alongside this gorgeous shot of the couple out to dinner, Bristowe wrote a lovely caption. "Two and a half years ago, we had our first date with no cameras, at The Wren in NYC," she explained. "It was so crazy to be able to hold hands in public, take pics together, and we were so excited to start our real relationship! We went back last night, still held hands, took more pics, AND we still feel excited. PRETTY NEAT!!"

Pretty neat, indeed.

Booth's anniversary post is also super sweet.
shawn_booth18 on Instagram

In May, the couple celebrated their three-year anniversary, and Booth took to Instagram to share a sweet photo of him and his boo, along with an adorable caption. "Celebrating 3 years with this gorgeous woman," he wrote. "She told me to tell you her 'romper' is tagged .. and if you’re wondering, my socks are from Reebok."

When Bristowe shared this sweet, funny moment.
kaitlynbristowe on Instagram

Earlier this year, the two took a romantic vacay to Jamaica, and Bristowe shared this sweet photo of the couple on a boat with a hilarious caption. "He’s whispering sweet nothings in my ear like, pssst, your butts hungry," Bristowe wrote. "It’s eating your bathing suit." So relatable, these two.

When he just bragged about how beautiful Bristowe is.
shawn_booth18 on Instagram

Sometimes, the sweetest moments are those that aren't celebrating anything other than just being in love. When Booth uploaded this photo of himself and Bristowe out to dinner, he didn't specify if it was for any special occasion, but that almost makes it even sweeter! You don't need a special occasion to show your bae some loving. "Never a bad view at dinner when I’m sitting across from her," he wrote, winning all of Instagram's collective hearts.

This sweet moment.
kaitlynbristowe on Instagram

These two don't have to try very hard to be adorable. "If you’re a bird I’m a bird," Bristowe wrote, alongside this photo showcasing their matching tattoos. I'm not crying, you're crying!

They love each other even with awkward facial hair.
kaitlynbristowe on Instagram

"An interesting pose to go with an interesting mustache," Bristowe captioned this sweet pic. "Thank you to my insanely sweet fiancé for being so supportive and thoughtful last night. Your card made me cry and your heart makes me smile."

Their everyday life together seems amazing.
kaitlynbristowe on Instagram

As Bristowe said of this pic, "Just two dudes napping. Nothing to see here." Who wouldn't love waking up to this view every morning?

They obviously party hard together.
kaitlynbristowe on Instagram

Being able to have fun with your partner is so important, and it seems like Bristowe and Booth have no problem doing fun things together. "RIP to the dance floor that we killed in Mexico," Bristowe wrote. Also RIP to my heart because it's bursting.

And dance like no one's watching.
kaitlynbristowe on Instagram

I don't know what I love more about this photo: The fact that they're dancing so close and cute, or the fact that Bristowe is belting out Celine Dion and Booth seems fully unbothered by it.

When they're in their element, it's amazing to see.
shawn_booth18 on Instagram

"No props needed," Booth captioned this photo. It's clear that these two don't need anything else to have a good time.

Bristowe's April Fool's Day post was so *not* funny though.
kaitlynbristowe on Instagram

On April Fool's Day this year, Bristowe joked that she and Booth had decided to break up, which, hi! Not funny! "It’s been a good run but we are deciding to call it quits Jk April fools," she wrote. "Can someone please just help me understand how I got so lucky. Happy Easter."

Bristowe and Booth have been through a lot together, and their Instagram posts prove that through distance, time, and rumors, their love will remain strong.

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