Kaitlyn Bristowe & Shawn Booth's Body Language After Breakup Rumors Is Revealing

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Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth have been together ever since he won her season of The Bachelorette in 2015. Booth made it clear on night one, when Bristowe was actually competing against Britt Nilsson for the lead role, that he was only there for Bristowe. When she won the popular vote to actually become the lead, Bristowe made the choice to give Booth her first impression rose, and in the season finale, he proposed. Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth's body language after breakup rumors shows there's still love between the engaged couple, even if there's a possibility that things may be rocky between the two of them.

While all Bachelor couples do have their own fair share of speculation on whether or not they're still together post-show, Bristowe and Booth have been the objects of many breakup rumors recently. Elite Daily has reached out to Bristowe and Booth's representatives about the breakup rumors and did not hear back by the time of publication. Between their three-year engagement, running their businesses, and sometimes long-distance status (Bristowe has to return to Canada every so often for her visa!), it's not always clear if things are just busy or if they've called off their relationship for good. I spoke to body language experts Traci Brown and Blanca Cobb to dive into what Bristowe and Booth's body language with one another could reveal about their relationship status.

They showed clear interest in each other on the night they met.
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Both body language experts agree that this photo of Bristowe giving Booth her first impression rose shows they're both interested.

"They're both really into each other," Brown tells Elite Daily. "They're looking in each other's eyes at close range and that's hard to do if you don't have an intimate connection. He's reaching for her with his left arm. And they're mirroring each other. See how their heads are both tilted towards the camera? That's what happens when you're on the same page."

But, Cobb says, there could be early signs that Bristowe was maybe more invested.

"[Bristowe] is all in with [him] figuratively and literally," Cobb tells Elite Daily. "She's turned her body completely towards him with a look of love in her eyes. [Booth] can’t keep his eyes off of his love. It’s a bit odd is that he’s got his hand resting between his thighs instead of on [Bristowe]."

Their engagement body language shows exactly what you'd expect.
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There's a mixture of excitement and nervousness during the big life moment and conclusion of Bristowe's Bachelorette season.

"Look at how [Bristowe] shows a mixture of disbelief and excitement as [Booth] is on one knee proposing to her," Cobb says. "She holds her body tight with rounded shoulders and hands clasped together in nervous excitement."

"This is just what we want to see out of a proposal," says Brown. "She's anxiously waiting with her hands clasped. And he's down on one knee looking her in the eye."

All good signs from a Fourth of July party this year.
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As recently as July, there were no signs of trouble in their body language, the experts say.

"[Bristowe] is completely smitten with [Booth]," Cobb says of the couple's Fourth of July photo. "Look at the way she’s completely facing him, reaching up on her tip toes with her lips puckered to give him a kiss. [He's] got his hand on her lower back sending the message that she’s all his."

"His hand is on her butt and she's pressing herself up against him so I'd say they're good to go," says Brown.

But early September photos could show trouble for the couple.
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"This one may show a chink in their armor," Brown says. "They're not really showing their shoulders in a V, they're more side-by-side which shows not as tight of a connection. Then neither of them are smiling. She's even got a sneer of disgust. Not good."

Cobb has another take on this photo.

"[Bristowe] and [Booth's] bodies are seamed on the sides with his arm tightly around her," she says. "They’re making sure that nothing is getting in between them by holding their drinks in their outside hands."

Booth cropped Bristowe out of an Instagram photo.
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Booth posted an Instagram photo on September 7 with Saved by the Bell's Tiffani Thiessen. According to his caption, Thiessen is his childhood crush, and she's standing in between him and Bristowe.

The whole photo reads kind of strangely, even if it's a joke on his part. (The couple is known to have a goofy and strange sense of humor.)

Cobb thinks Booth does look uncomfortable, but there could be plenty of reasons why.

"You might question if [Booth] was really joking about cropping [Bristowe] from the photo, but there’s no questioning his fingers. His crunched up fingers suggests that he doesn’t have the feels for [Thiessen] or he’s uncomfortable about something. Usually, when you have feelings for someone you tend to lay your hand flat against them. Not ball up your fingers as Shawn’s doing." Therefore, Cobb doesn't think Booth's "crush" on Thiessen is anything more than an innocent childhood crush.

But, then again, Bristowe is cropped out.

"You don't crop someone you're intimate with out of a shot, or put someone else between you," Brown says. "And see how his hand is in a fist? That's anger. So I'd say at the very least their relationship is on the rocks."

Additionally, Bristowe has posted some sad Instagram stories about being lonely. I hope if these two aren't happy together, they find what they're looking for somewhere else.

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