JWoww Claims Roger Mathews Abused Her In This Intense Open Letter On Her Website

by Jamie LeeLo
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In late 2018, Jersey Shore star Jenni "JWoww" Farley filed for divorce from her estranged husband Roger Mathews. And now, on Jan. 30, she released an alarming statement on her website accusing Mathews of physical assault and negligence toward their two children, Grayson, 2, and Meilani, 4, and included multiple videos of Mathews arguing with her. JWoww's letter claiming Roger Mathews abused her is incredibly upsetting to read and makes an already complicated divorce even more volatile. Elite Daily reached out to Farley and Mathews' teams for comment on the letter. Matthews' rep declined to comment at this time while Farley's team did not respond by the time of publication.

According to Farley's statement, Mathews allegedly attacked her physically and emotionally over the course of their three-year marriage and allegedly used social media and videos of Farley in her home as a means of manipulation. Farley filed for divorce in September 2018 citing irreconcilable differences and served Mathews with a restraining order on Dec. 14, 2018 after reportedly having an explosive fight the night before. In videos posted to his Instagram at the time, Mathews claimed he was the one to originally call the police and after they left, he left their shared home to record a podcast with a friend. Later that night, he claims he was awoken at 2 a.m. and informed Farley had filed a restraining order against him, and was removed from his home. Elite Daily reached out to Farley and Mathews' teams at the time but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Farley opened up her Jan. 30 statement by explaining she waited to speak up until now "for the greater good" of her children. "I have spent the last few months trying to protect our children from public humiliation, because as parents, we are supposed to protect them. I wanted to handle this out of the spotlight because our silence is their greater good," her statement began. "I can no longer sit idly by while you mistreat and malign me in such an egregious manner."

Farley went on to describe the alleged manipulative behavior of Mathews that she's had to endure on social media.

"Your postings are consumed with inaccuracies, false statements, self-serving comments, outright misrepresentations and blatant lies," she claims. In the letter, she also described a time when Mathews allegedly gave their son Grayson — who has been diagnosed with autism and gluten/dairy allergies — pizza, and reportedly did not answer the door when a therapist arrived to work with him.

"When I asked you about the food situation, you chose to berate me instead of acknowledging that Greyson’s health is of paramount concern," she wrote. "You hurt the children and you hurt me. When will it end?”

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Farley also accused Mathews of reaching out to two of her former abusive boyfriends as a means to intimidate her. Farley wrote,

It is unfathomable to me that because of you proactively contacting an ex-boyfriend of mine to team up against me, he was arrested for trying to extort money from me... You didn’t stop there though. You persisted to try to take me down. You knew that another ex from my college years brutally beat me so badly that I was hospitalized... When your own acts of domestic violence against me were questioned, you chose to reach out to this unspeakable person in order to intimidate me.

The videos she shared on her website feature clips filmed by Mathews holding Grayson in his lap while he and Farley argue about an alleged affair that Mathews seemingly admits to having on camera in front of Grayson.

Additionally, Farley posted one video of what appears to be Mathews throwing her to the kitchen floor.

She ended her long note by stating, "So many of you may be understandably afraid to come forward, and have been stuck in abusive relationships for far too long just as I have been. If anyone is feeling down, broken, hurt or lost, please know that it is not your fault!”

If you or anyone you know is suffering from domestic violence, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or visit www.thehotline.org.