Justine Marjan x Kitsch Round 3 Is Here, Complete With Barrettes, Headbands, & Scrunchies

Believe me when I say I already have way more hair accessories than a person with one head could ever need, but I'll still be dropping coin on Justine Marjan x Kitsch Round 3. I can't resist! Marjan is one of the most creative hairstylists in the biz, and her original Kitsch collab featuring those oh-so-Instagrammable, now-heavily-replicated word barrettes had everyone ditching basic bobby pins and hair ties in favor of fun, festive accents. This time around, the new collection features far more than just hair clips — yes girl, I'm talking scrunchies! And, you guessed it, headbands too! This collection has virtually everything you could ask for, plus fun textures, cool chains, and more, so let's dive in and ooh and ahh together, shall we?

In the age of Instagram, makeup artists and hairstylists to the stars have blossomed as celebrities in their own right, and Justine Marjan (Who got her start as assistant to Jen Atkin of Ouai!) has garnered an army of 339 thousand followers who turn to her for all things hair inspo. She posts updo tutorials on her Stories, photoshoot behind the scenes on her feed, and every now and then, a full-on celebrity flex — yes, she's the genius behind Ashley Graham's heavily-accessorized Met Gala ponytail, and yes, the look single-handedly kept the barrette trend breathing.

To Marjan's followers, her word is law, so when she announced a bevy of new trendy pieces to debut in her third accessory collaboration with Kitsch, they were beyond thrilled:

"Introducing faux leather scrunchies and headbands and accessories with chain details in silver AND gold!!" Marjan wrote, and if, like me, you previously struggled with the all-silver selection, you're no doubt pleased. "We took your feedback and made something I think you all will love!!" Marjan shared, and by the looks of it, she's absolutely right.

Hi? Are you seeing this? Could a more beautiful hair accessory situation even exist??

The above are pieces from the Chain and Bow Bobby Pin 8 Piece Set ($49,, as well as a few bedazzled bits from the Rhinestone Chain Bobby Pin 2 Piece Set ($49,, shown above in gold but also available in silver. Rather than come out with more word barrettes, Marjan went the route of decorative edgy faux-chains and contrasting sweet bows, which can be mixed and matched with the word clips you might already own to create totally new 'dos.

The entire collection is done in shades of black and blush pink faux patent leather with gold and silver metal options, and pricing ranges from $29 to $49. The new drop also marks Marjan and Kitsch's very first collaborative scrunchies and headbands.

Think of the Patent Headband With Chain ($39, as your girly, pearl-embellished headband's cooler cousin, or night-out alter ego:


My fave piece is the Patent Scrunchie With Chain ($29, — I just love that gold detail around the edge for some extra flair:


To shop the entire Round 3 drop, as well as pieces from Marjan and Kitsch's previous collections, head over to the Kitsch website now and start brainstorming cute fall and winter hairstyles.