OMG, Justin Timberlake Left The Flirtiest Comment On Jessica Biel's IG

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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are stars, but they're just like us: They support one another's careers, tease each other (on live talk shows, no less), and leave thirsty messages on each other's Instagrams. These two make marriage look so fun and loving that I'm practically prepared to propose to myself. In fact, if Justin Timberlake's flirty comment on Jessica Biel's Instagram doesn't qualify as #couplegoals, I don't know what does.

These two Hollywood lovebirds are clearly keeping the passion alive in their seven years of marriage, and they're not exactly sliding into each other's DMs: They're posting in public for all to see. On Oct. 23, Biel posted a photo to the 'gram from her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, accompanied by the caption: "@jimmyfallon sent me back to the 80s tonight and honestly? Didn’t hate it. Watch us TRY and keep a straight face on @fallontonight!!!" In the shot, Biel is dressed to impress in her '80s best, complete with oversized, clear wide-frame glasses, teased hair that's tied back with a scrunchie, and a belted denim dress with a plaid corset peeking through. The entire look is straight fuego — Biel looks like she walked off of the set of a Madonna music video.


Apparently, Timberlake agreed, taking to the comments to voice his approval with a flirtatious, "Uh...bring this outfit home and..." Not only is the pop singer's comment super sexy and a little suggestive, but it also demonstrates that Timberlake doesn't hold a grudge. After all, Biel made some live comments about *NSYNC to Fallon that very night, and they were, uh, a little unflattering. Let's just say that Biel wasn't exactly a diehard stan of the boyband her husband once fronted.

Fallon dug up an old clip of Biel from 1999 saying point-blank that she wasn't a fan of *NSYNC's chart-topping hits. "To be honest, I don't really listen," Biel says in the video. "I mean, I know of them, of course. And I've heard of them, and I've heard the music. But I don't think I own any of their CDs. I'm not a huge fan. But, cool, I guess."

When further pressed by Fallon, Biel didn't "cry me a river" — she doubled down by admitting that she never knew the words to any *NSYNC songs, even butchering a few lyrics during a game of Truth or Dare with friends. "My dare was I had to sing an *NSYNC song... and I literally couldn't," she told Fallon. "I only know three words, 'Bye, bye, bye.' Which I guess is just one word three times. But I wasn't allowed to sing that! I had to sing something else. Justin coached me through the chorus, the verse, I was looking at the words, it was humiliating!"

Ouch. Tough shish-kabob for Timberlake and *NSYNC lovers everywhere. But If her hubby's flirty comment suggests anything, it's that he's willing to let bygones be bygones and rise above it. Either that or he knows that "what goes around... comes around."