Here's Why Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Work, According To Their Birth Charts

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, one of my favorite celebrity couples, are proof that not only can sexy be brought back — sexy can stay. Having been together for over a decade and married for over half of it, they appear to be more passionate about each other than ever. If you’ve taken a look at their social media pages lately, you’ll find countless declarations of mutual love and respect. You would never guess that it actually wasn't all that easy for Justin to convince her to finally agree to go on a date with him, but I'm sure she's glad she did. Such a magnetic partnership obviously begs the question—what are the details on Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's Zodiac Sign Compatibility?

To start things off, Justin was born on January 31, making him an Aquarius, and Jessica was born on March 3, making her a Pisces. Now, based on their sun signs, this definitely wouldn't normally be a compatible match — but this is just scratching the surface. And with how compatible these two turned out to be, there's got to be more to the story. In order to paint a bigger picture, their moon, rising, Mars, and Venus signs also need to be taken into consideration. For Justin and Jessica, we'll concentrate on their moon and rising signs. If you don't know what those terms mean, not to worry. We'll go over all of that in just a second.

Sun Sign Compatibility

Since Jessica is a water sign and Justin is an air sign, we immediately have a clash here. Mixing these two elements doesn't usually end well. A Pisces holds an ocean of emotions close to the chest and an aquarius prefers to navigate the world with their head rather than their heart. Aquarius loves exploration, change, newness, and a good cerebral challenge while pisces would rather find comfort in their memories, lounge in a comfortable space, and paint their world with sentimentality. This difference in their values could become frustrating for them both.

However, if they can find a way to understand each other and make compromises, this relationship can prove to be not only exhilarating, but transformative. Both signs have a penchant for eccentricities in life, the unknown, in discovery, and in adventure — they just go about these interests in different ways, which can be a great thing! A Pisces can show an Aquarius how to imbue these experiences with their heart and soul while an Aquarius can teach a pisces how to embrace the thrill of stepping out of their comfort zone.

Rising Sign Compatibility

To glean a better understanding of how this couple functions in the public sphere, we need to take a look at their rising signs, which explain the impression they make on people. Jessica's rising sign is in Sagittarius and Justin's is in Leo, which is a fiery and irresistible match. We're talking fireworks — an explosion of compatibility that's obvious to everyone in their presence. Inspiration will be a central theme in their relationship. Leo and Sagittarius will always motivate each other to do their best and give each other confidence when there is none.

This is a couple who will never run out of witty banter. They'll make each other laugh until it hurts and their flirtations could make a statue blush. If you've ever seen the way they act on the red carpet together, it's obvious these two are in love.

Moon Sign Compatibility

Moon signs explain the nature of our inner worlds—how we process emotions, escape from the public eye, and spend our alone time. Jessica has a gemini moon and Justin has a sagittarius moon, which are opposite signs! This means that they're exactly six signs apart and directly across each other on the zodiac wheel. It also means they're both mutable signs, which mean they prefer to take life as it comes and infuse their days with spontaneity. If opposite signs don't get along, they really don't get along, but if they do, they're unstoppable. It's a relationship that's as rare and extraordinary as a diamond in a bed of rocks.

What makes a relationship between opposite signs so special is that there is no other sign that can teach the other more. Since they come from such different places and yet, share certain foundational qualities, they'll show each other new ways of living, of loving, and of understanding the world. It's undoubtedly a wild ride, but it never stops being exciting.