Here’s What Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel's Body Language Says About Their Relationship

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There's only a handful of celebrity couples that have been together so long it's hard to remember a time when they weren't. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are most certainly one of those couples. After being baes for more than 11 years, it's hard not to wonder how the connection between these two has evolved. If Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's body language is any indication, it seems like these two have continued to fall more and more in love with each other as the years have gone by.

Timberlake and Biel first became an item way back in 2007 after meeting at the Golden Globes. After dating for almost five years, the power couple tied the knot in 2012. Don't mind me while I go in the corner and die from the sweetness of these two. I'm not kidding, it really is too much. Even the way they interact on social media is next-level. Biel posted one of the absolute cutest birthday grams for JT in which she gushes about what an awesome (and hot) dad he is. Also, she gets all of the brownie points in the world for crowning herself "OG fan girl #1", because, like, same. It doesn't seem like anything could come between what Timberlake and Biel have got going. To get the full scoop on their seemingly perfect relationship, I spoke with body language expert Traci Brown.

Even When Biel Is Bored, The Love Is Still Flowing
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11 years might not sound like that long, but considering how on demand society has become in the last few decades, maintaining a relationship this long is definitely an accomplishment. This photo from 2012 shows that even when Biel isn't doing something she finds super exciting, she's still down to hang.

"Even though she's bored and showing impatience to get out of there, her legs are crossed toward him and they're close and connected as a unit," Brown tells Elite Daily.

We've all probably been dragged along to something that our partner was really pumped about and we couldn't wait for it to be over, but hey, that's love.

They're Like Two Elegant Peas In A Pod
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"See how they're leaning close and she's looking at him in close range?" asks Brown. "It's hard to be in that intimate zone and look someone in the eye without real intimacy. They are truly enjoying their time together."

There's also something so sweet about the way Biel can't contain her smile at Timberlake's goofball antics. They really do seem to exude the perfectly balanced vibe of "we're such a hot couple" and "we're also totally BFFS". These two never fail to serve up some relationship goals on the regular.

They're Completely "In-Sync" (Couldn't Resist)
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"They're leaning in with similar levels of intensity of smiles," says Brown. "They're sharing the same energy, and over time, good couples will start to match each other like this."

So basically, these two have been together for so long that they're kind of turning into one entity, but a good way.

And I mean, who doesn't want to build a relationship that's so strong you don't even have to try to be on the same page? But obviously, this isn't something that happens over night. It's probably safe to assume Timberlake and Biel have both put a ton of work into laying the groundwork for what seems to be a stellar partnership.

They Continue To Get Closer Over Time
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"They're sharing a private moment in public," explains Brown. "This is a telltale of how they've grown closer over time."

It looks like no amount of paparazzi will keep Timberlake and Biel from stealing an intimate moment. There's no denying it! They're the real deal. If the last 11 years are any indication, I can't even imagine how the connection between these love birds is going to blossom even further down the line.