Justin Bieber's New Clothing Line Completely Sold Out In Just A Few Hours

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It has been a busy few months for Justin Bieber. The 24-year-old married and started his life with his wife, model Hailey Baldwin, and now, he's gone and dropped a new streetwear collection that bears his middle name. Justin Bieber's new clothing line, Drew House, launched on Tuesday, Jan. 29, and in literally less than 24 hours, the collection completely sold out.

That's right, Bieber, the most recent celebrity to start his own fashion brand, created a line primarily made up of camel-colored, corduroy streetwear and t-shirts with large yellow smiley faces on them, and it sold out in just hours. Who knew smiley faces and the name Drew were such a hot commodity amongst Bieber's fans? Not me.

The entire collection is made up of 14 pieces that range in price from $48 for short sleeve logo t-shirts to $148 for a corduroy button-up or camel corduroy pants. If I'm being honest, this seems like a pretty steep price range for a celeb whose fan base is primarily made up of teenagers, but I guess, when it comes to supporting the Biebs, his fans will never say never.

As of right now, the line is only sold direct-to-consumer on the brand's site, While all of the pieces are currently sold out, you can still sign up for updates on the site in hopes of being alerted to any possible re-stocks. (Unfortunately, it's not yet confirmed whether or not there will be a re-stock of the first collection at all, but fingers crossed.)

While the Biebs can be added to the long list of celebrities who have launched their own fashion lines, the singer launched his new clothing line without a big announcement or buzzy event like we've come to expect from celebs venture out with their own brands. But hey, I guess a low-key launch is pretty on-brand for Drew House, considering the "About Us" section on the site reads, "Drew house is a place where you can be yourself. blah blah blah blahsdbksjdfhl wear like you don't care. come chill. k. bye." (Yes, that gibberish is, in fact, copied verbatim from the website.)

In lieu of a major announcement surrounding the launch, the singer has, instead, chosen to drop subtle hints on his Instagram feed by posting pics that feature some of the new brand's logos. Back on Dec. 25, 2018, he posted an image of himself wearing what look like hotel slippers featuring the Drew House yellow smiley face logo, alongside gold chain necklaces that also feature the logo.

After the entire collection sold out upon launch, a collage of images of models wearing the merch was posted to the brand's Instagram, with the caption, "Ethically made in LA. see you again soon." I guess that could spark hope for fans that more items are on the way?

If you want a look at some of what Drew House has to offer, scroll down for some of the line's key looks.

Lucky for all of you diehard Bieber fans out there, you can now rock the singer's middle name across... the front of your pants.

This plush corduroy button-up comes in camel and can be paired with matching corduroy pants or your favorite pair of jeans.

For $58, you can cop this long-sleeve black cotton tee that is emblazoned with the Drew House smiley face logo across the chest.

According to the product description on the brand's website, this shirt is "what a young, chill Steve Jobs might have worn." So if you want to be on track to become the next pioneer in communication technology (or at least dress like it), then cop this black turtleneck with the Drew House logo on the neck and sleeve cuff.