Justin Bieber Isn't Shaving His Mustache Any Time Soon, Thank You Very Much

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Justin Bieber is in the thick of promoting his new music, and he's been sporting a very distinct new look above his lip while doing it. With the upcoming release of Bieber's highly-anticipated fifth studio album, Changes, all eyes are on him, but not just because of his work. Justin Bieber's response to calls to shave his mustache was blunt.

Bieber's platinum blonde hair and mustache have been on full display in recent weeks, but not everyone is a fan of the look — including his wife, Hailey Baldwin. In July 2018, Baldwin responded to a comment from Bieber's road manager telling the singer to grow out his mustache for their wedding. She wrote, "Don’t u dare give him that idea you lunatic.”

While Baldwin's feelings on the 'stache were made clear back then, Bieber's look has gotten a lot of negative attention in the past few weeks. Instead of responding to constant comments on social media telling him to shave his facial hair, Bieber enlisted viral Instagram senstation Seth, aka @Dudewithsign, to help him get his feelings across.

@Dudewithsign is known for writing popular opinions on a cardboard sign and holding it up in high-traffic areas for people to see as they walk by. His hilarious work has gained him five million followers on IG, so it was a no-brainer for Bieber to get in on the fun while promoting Changes.

Check out Bieber's response to @dudewithsign's urge for him to shave his 'stache below.

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There you have it. Straight to the point, Bieber made it clear his facial hair isn't going away anytime soon. @Dudewithsign and Bieber also snapped promotional pics with the release date for Changes.

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Bieber's epic response to mustache haters came just days after he addressed comments about his appearance on Instagram, writing, "MY STASH MY LIFE DEAL WITH IT HAHA.”

Justin Bieber on Instagram

It seems Bieber is feeling as happy and confident as ever right now and I think Beliebers will agree that is what's most important.