Beliebers Loved Justin's PCAs Performance So Much, Even His Yodeling

Marka/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Justin Bieber's took to the 2020 People's Choice Awards stage to perform two of his most recent hits — "Lonely" and "Holy" — and list his fans' hearts. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world, the PCAs were filmed virtually, and many have been skeptical about the feasibility of live performances as award show season creeps up, but Justin Bieber's 2020 PCAs performance has Beliebers yodeling with joy regardless.

What started out as a solo romp around a dimly lit suburban landscape erupted into a celebration of Bieber's faith, filled with glowing neon crosses and a live chorus. The first track on Bieber's PCAs lineup fit the overall mood of the night; "Lonely" somehow doubles as his own declaration of solitude as a pop star and as a quarantine anthem. After the song's release, some fans were reminded of the Walmart yodeler Mason Ramsey, but Bieber's delivery of the track for the PCAs was on-point, yodeling and all.

Following his rendition of "Lonely" outside the PCAs venue, Bieber entered through the auditorium through massive sliding screens and was greeted by a colorful world of lively voices and pink crosses. The ambiance lent itself well to his performance of "Holy," sans Chance The Rapper, as Bieber skipped around the set and sang his heart out. For Bieber, the moment seemed especially emotional. "Holy" lives in an entirely different part of Bieber's pop discography, away from his 2020 bops like "Yummy" and "Intentions." The track is an energetic ballad, the likes of which haven't been heard on Top 40 radio stations in years. The track currently sits at no. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Beliebers on Twitter gushed over his renditions of "Holy" and "Lonely," tweeting out their support for the global pop sensation immediately following his performance. Fans were so blown away by his live vocals, commenting that he even made yodeling sound cool. But most notably, fans felt Bieber has reached his final form. "It felt like he finally combined his true self with his artistic self," one fan commented on Twitter.