Justin Said Hailey Smells Like Ariana Grande & Ariana Is All About It

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Justin Bieber has been giving fans a lot of insight into his relationship with wife Hailey Baldwin lately. In January 2020, he released his YouTube docu-series Seasons which featured Bieber's sweet wedding vows about his wife, and the fact that his new album Changes was all about her. Now, Bieber is opening up about one of Baldwin's most attractive qualities: her aroma. Justin Bieber said Hailey Baldwin smells like Ariana Grande, and, naturally, Beliebers might be wondering how to smell like Baldwin and Grande, too. Well, don't worry, Bieber's got answers for you.

On March 3, Bieber appeared on The Ellen Show and played a few rounds of Burning Questions. Ellen Degeneres, being the outstanding interviewer she is, asked all of the important questions during the short game, including what Bieber's wife smells like. His answer was surprising.

"She smells like Ariana Grande's perfume," he said smiling, almost as if he was remembering her scent. "She smells good. It's a good smell. Flowery and, like, fruity. It's good."

Grande heard about Bieber and Baldwin's affinity for her fragrance and shared the cute clip on her Instagram with the caption, "i kno das right."

Baldwin agreed, writing under Grande's post, "period!!!"

If you thought Baldwin's scent was the only amusing reveal made during the game, you'd be wrong. Bieber shared Baldwin's thoughts on his infamous mustache, too.

"You recently had a mustache... will it return?" Degeneres asked.

"I hope so. Eventually. But right now, I'm going to keep it clean because my wife — she's not really liking it," Bieber admitted, before Degeneres followed with another hot question.

"What body part are you most proud of?" she probed.

"I gotta say I got a nice butt," Bieber joked, before explaining how he achieved his toosh. "I got a good butt, I played hockey my whole life, so ya know it's called a hockey butt."

"Don't look, OK? Don't look. It's my wife's," he laughed.

Baldwin recently made her own reveal about Bieber during a Feb. 28 appearance on The Tonight Show, telling host Jimmy Fallon, Bieber called her after he saw her open a beer bottle with her teeth. Bieber and Baldwin keep sharing your sweet — and somewhat bizarre — Jailey stories, because fans can't get enough.