Justin Bieber steps out in a hooded sweatshirt.

Beliebers Have Mixed Feelings About Justin's New Mustache

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The internet is often divided on a number of topics, but when it comes to the discussion surrounding Justin Bieber's new mustache, it's especially heated. The Biebs has been running around with a full-blown mustache, and it's stirring up quite the controversy. If you want to witness a hot topic issue, just tune in to Twitter, ladies and gentlemen. The tweets about Justin Bieber's new mustache are very split.

The highly controversial 'stache has made a number of appearances on the gram, and, ever since, fans have voiced their very strong opinions about it. On one hand, some Beliebers are loving the new ~lewk~ from JB. However, others felt quite the opposite, and are literally pleading with him to shave it off. What's interesting is that there's no in between here. When it comes to Bieber's new 'stache, there's no indifference.

"I unfollowed Justin Bieber on Instagram because I'm tired of seeing his mustache goodnight," one person tweeted. Meanwhile another Belieber insisted other fans are "blind" and "Justin’s mustache is sexy as hell."

We first got a good look at JB's mustache on Jan. 9, when he took to Instagram to promote a video his friends made for "Yummy."

From there, the mustache content just kept on coming.

Whether you're 100% here for JB's 'stache, or are hoping he'll grab the clippers soon, the Twitter reactions have been pure gold.

As you can see, it's a very divided world when it comes to Bieber's new mustache.

Fans seem most upset that JB is most likely still going to be rocking the 'stache during his upcoming appearance on James Corden's show. Yep, both Bieber and Corden have hinted that they filmed an episode of Carpool Karaoke together.

Corden first hinted he was working with the Biebs in an Instagram post on Wednesday. "Big day @justinbieber," he captioned a photo with Bieber. Of course, front and center, was the mustache.

Bieber also teased the upcoming Late, Late Show segment with a photo that put his 'stache on full display once again.

I hate to break it to the 50% of the Belieber population that is not here for Bieber's mustache, but it looks like JB is living his best life with his untrimmed look, and he might be sporting it for a while.