Justin & Hailey Disagreed About 1 Thing When Planning Their Wedding

by Candice Jalili
Robert Kamau/GC Images/Getty Images

The pictures of their special day looked nothing short of perfect, but Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's wedding-planning process apparently hit one small bump in the road. As Baldwin explained in Bieber's YouTube docuseries Seasons, the couple disagreed one just one thing: flower arrangements. "We had one original seating table vision," Baldwin said in the seventh episode, which aired on Feb. 10. "Then I show him the photos of all of it and he’s like, ‘Yeah, actually can we change this completely?’"

The model continued, "I had this original idea to do flowers all over the tables, like a little mini garden. He’s like, ‘People aren’t going to be able to see each other across the table! You’ve gotta get rid of all of this.’”

Bieber confirmed, "I mean, there was too many flowers on the table and I told her to take off some flowers." Later, he joked, "How are we supposed to eat with these flowers in my damn face?"

Luckily Baldwin wasn't too concerned about her husband's flower preference. "I don’t even care," she said with a smile. "I’m so not a bridezilla. Anyone who’s working with me for this wedding will tell you the same."

While Bieber had some intense opinions about the flower situation, he was generally pretty chill about the wedding planning process.

"He is not very involved, to be honest," Baldwin said of her husband with regards to the planning of their South Caroline nuptials, which took place in 2019, a year after they legally got married in a New York City courthouse. "I think he trusts my vision." Later on in the episode, Baldwin said that, aside from being readily available to answer any "yes or no" questions she had for him with regards to the planning process, his general attitude was "just kind of like, ‘Throw me in a tux and let’s go.’"

Bieber didn't disagree with his wife's assessment. "She was involved in pretty much all of the decision-making as far as the wedding was concerned," he admitted. "I just basically showed up."

One of the reasons Bieber might have been so chill about leaving the wedding planning process in his wife's hands might have been the fact that, based on this episode of the show, the two really seemed to have been on the same page about their vision for the wedding.

For example, Baldwin made it clear they both were down to keep their ceremony close-knit. "We just decided that smaller and intimate was going to be the better situation for the two of us because we wanted people who had been very super involved in the journey and who were still super involved in our life currently and who are still currently part of our day to day life right now," she explained.

Want more deets on their wedding planning process? Watch the short episode for yourself here:

I'm pretty sure the next episode is going to feature the actual wedding and IDK about you but I, for one, am pumped.