Justin Bieber Found Out He’s Related To Ryan Gosling & Avril Lavigne, So That’s Unexpected

by Daffany Chan
Stuart Franklin/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

There really isn't a day when Justin Bieber ceases to amaze me. This time, the pop star is back at it again with news about the huge celebs he's related to — and it's honestly a pretty shocking revelation. Justin Bieber found out Ryan Gosling & Avril Lavigne are his distant cousins, revealing the juicy gossip to fans on his Instagram in a post late at night on Saturday, Aug. 31. Naturally, the internet is going wild over the news of Bieber's lineage.

In the new Instagram post, Bieber wrote: "I also just found out that I'm related to both Ryan Gosling and Avril Lavigne this is the best day of my life.. it seems super legit it's on ancestry.com." Along with the post, Bieber shared a screenshot from his Ancestry.com genealogy search. The results point to Gosling as Bieber's 11th cousin once removed and Lavigne as his 12th cousin. According to Ancestry.com, a website with the "world's largest collection of online records," the star-studded relation all stems from Bieber's mother's, Pattie Mallette, side of the family. It turns out that Bieber, Lavigne, and Gosling all have Mathurn Roy and Marguerite Bire as their 11th great grandparents. Finding a familial connection between the three superstars seems like an unlikely occurrence, but it begins to make a bit more sense once you piece together that the celebs all hail from the province of Ontario in Canada.

I totally get why Bieber is excited to be Gosling's relative (I mean, who wouldn't?), because he's even sang praises to the movie star in the recent past. In another Instagram post on Aug. 18, Bieber wrote: "It's about time we get another movie from the man, the legend Ryan Gosling." With such high admiration for Gosling, there's no doubt that Bieber is thrilled about the results.

Bieber's tight-knit team and friends were quick to chime in on the amazing family connections. Bieber's longtime manager Scooter Braun cheekily commented, "I always saw a strong resemblance," while the singer's stylist Kara Welch (who's also Canadian BTW) wrote, "I'm sure we are also related." Of course, Bieber's fans also shared their varied opinions and humorous jabs on Instagram. Instagram user @Worldjailey opined, "You will discover things about yourself on the internet that you can't imagine," while @vintagexpast observed, "Not even lying all three of you kind of look alike even if you are distant relatives." Finally, the fan @avrillavignewater represented Lavigne and Bieber fans from around the world by asking Bieber to "make a song with Avril Lavigne please." Wouldn't the Canadian singing duo just be a match made in heaven?

The Ancestry.com results add more star-studded relatives to Bieber's family roster, especially since he's now married to model Hailey Baldwin. The two happily tied the knot in September 2018 and are looking forward to celebrating their wedding for a second time, this time as a religious affair. I'm on edge to see if Bieber ends up inviting Lavigne and Gosling to the celebration, since the cat's out of the bag that they're all distant cousins. Getting the Canadian kin altogether would def be a Hollywood family reunion for the books.