Watching Justin Bieber Do Hailey Baldwin's Makeup Is Honestly So Soothing

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has kept celebrities out of their usual hair and makeup artists' chairs. Some stars have decided to spend their time in quarantine letting their skin breathe by taking a break from makeup, Hailey Bieber, on the other hand, has decided to train a new makeup team: her husband. In an episode of The Biebers on Watch posted on Monday, May 18, Justin Bieber applied Hailey’s makeup with pretty impressive results, TBH.

“I have no idea how to do this,” Justin said at the beginning of the seventh episode of the couple’s 12-part Facebook Watch series. Despite spending much of his life in front of cameras and on stage, Justin admits he’s never applied his own makeup before. But with a can-do attitude, he follows Hailey’s guidance throughout her beauty routine. Guessing correctly that foundation comes first, he quickly gets started by applying the product, though he needs a bit more help figuring out what Hailey means by "buffing."

“I’m not trying to make you look like a clown,” Justin says, keeping his makeup choices on the safer side. After continuing to follow Hailey's close guidance for concealer and bronzer, he then went with a very light blush on his wife’s cheeks. Whereas some guys might approach eyeshadow with reckless abandon, Justin ends up choosing a single eyeshadow color. When asked if he wanted to mix together a few shades, the singer says, “I like that color … I don’t want it to turn out bad.”

His confidence shoots back up when it comes time for mascara, though it may have been a little premature. Justin ends up smudging some mascara on Hailey’s eyelids and nose — it happens to the best of us — but he fixes it by reapplying a little foundation. The highlighter and setting powder steps were a piece of cake for Justin, so he saves himself in the end. And, if you’ve ever wondered what the once-teen heartthrob’s favorite lipstick color is, it’s light pink.

“It’s actually really good,” Hailey says, giggling during the reveal. “It’s not bad at all.” As the internet’s latest MUA, Justin's first ~lewk~ was more on the natural side, but with a generous dusting of highlighter. If you’re looking for a new no-makeup makeup look, I'm not gonna lie, you may need to take a cue from Justin.

In the previous episode, Hailey gave Justin a facial, so it seems fair she's the one who got to be pampered this time. Whether they’re gearing up for a full spa day or not, the couple definitely seems to be making the most of their time in quarantine — and watching it unfold is almost too adorable. Now that they’ve dropped a full beauty routine, I hope the two will let fans into one of their movie nights next.