These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week & You Deserve The World

A full moon always signifies culmination, revelation, and reward. The one that flooded our night sky with light last week brought swift change to our lives. Perhaps you received tangible evidence of the climactic lunar event. Maybe you simply felt a subtle shift in energy; a hint of change that sprouted from deep within. This week, that shift is continuing to morph into something major. Although the results may be difficult to reckon with at times, there's no doubt that as of June 4, 2018, this will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

Although the planets are forming stressful and indulgent aspects this week, these zodiac signs should feel gratified by the challenges rather than frustrated. Power is pouring into their lives with wild abandon, and even though power inevitably causes imbalance, it will feel soothing to know just how much they're all capable of. While conflict might form in the presence of so much intensity, progress can never happen without sacrifice and compromise.

If your zodiac sign happens to have made this list, ready yourself. You're in the the midst of some heavy transformations. However, the moments of pure beauty make it all worth while.

Leo: Your Social Clique Will Feel So Powerful

As the sun and Mercury form a conjunction in your 11th house of community, you're feeling incredibly in touch with your circle at large. This is an amazing week to plan a large event, to attend a festival littered with crowds, or organize a coming-together of minds. Being surrounded by people who love and respect you is exactly what you need.

While social connection will feel like a balm to your soul, try not to let the needs of others obscure the needs of your own. When Mercury and Neptune later form a square, you may find yourself giving an overwhelming amount of attention to others while depleting yourself in the process. Even though irrational thoughts may cloud your mind, do not lose yourself to them.

Sagittarius: Your Relationships Will Become Much Deeper

Your seventh house of partnerships is receiving unlimited energy from the sun conjunct Mercury. This will push you to delve deeper in the relationships that mean the most to you, to share vulnerabilities with others, to make a commitment to someone (despite how commitment-phobic you might normally be). This week is sure to infuse your personal life with affection and emotion.

As you delve deeper into the bearings of your heart, Venus in your eighth house of transformation forms an opposition with Pluto. Becoming vulnerable with someone you care about is not always easy and it doesn't always provide you with the result you were hoping for. Remember that difficult conversations must be had in order to forge trust. In spite of the pain, it's worth it.

Aquarius: You'll Want To Have As Much Fun As Possible

With the sun conjunct Mercury in your fifth house of fun and pleasure, wildness and creativity are coursing through your veins. You're in the midst of a carefree lust for life and you should do anything that gets you in-touch with your inner child again. Dancing to your favorite music, creating art for the sake of creating art, or going to an amusement park are all things that fall within this category.

However, as Mercury and Neptune form a square, your perspective may feel distorted, and you may find yourself diving too deeply into your imagination while forgetting your priorities in the real world. In order to prevent a hangover from taking place after you've had your fill of fun, make sure you check in with reality. You could also make sure you've check everything off your to-do list before entering the realm of pleasure.