These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week, But You Can Handle It

As beautiful as the start of summer always is, it's also a season that can be rife with disappointment. With such high expectations and so much pressure to have fun, it's no wonder that so many plans crash and burn. You build the summer season up in your mind, believing that all your problems will disappear as soon as it all begins. However, nothing in life is ever that simple. Just like people cry on their birthdays, you may feel beyond defeated by how unfulfilling the early days of summer might turn out to be. If this sounds relatable enough, then it will probably make so much sense that June 18, 2018, will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Aries, Scorpio, and Libra.

However, just because your zodiac sign made the list doesn't necessarily mean you'll be weighed down by misery and depression. It simply means that there are certain planetary transits and aspects exerting more stress on your life, demanding that you rise to the occasion. Slipping into summer can be a soothing and calming process. However, it can also shove you straight into a disorienting mess without apology.

But who knows? Perhaps by detangling such a mess, you're earning an impenetrable confidence that follows you all throughout the remainder of the season.

Aries: You May Need To Keep Your Instincts In Check

Mars is your ruling planet. It gives you the fiery, aggressive, and passionate qualities that you're so famed for. However, when Mars in your 11th house of friends forms an opposition with Venus in your fifth house of fun and pleasure, the intensity of your impulses could be brought to new heights. You may feel an overwhelming desire to push the fun to dangerous limits, pressuring your friends to get on board. If they nervously hold you back instead, you might feel more angry than what's reasonable. This energy could also reveal itself by making you attracted to people who bring out the worst in you.

However, with Mercury in your fourth house of family forming a trine with Jupiter, you'll also be inspired to forget those who don't matter and concentrate most closely on your core loved ones. Follow your instincts that bring you closer to those your most trusted allies.

Libra: Your Heart May Feel Some Seriously Misguiding Emotions

With Venus as your ruling planet, romance, love, and affection are already your top priorities. When Venus in your 11th house of friends forms an opposition with Mars in your fifth house of pleasure, your heart may be misleading you toward people who seem better than they truly are. If you're falling for someone who all your loved ones say is wrong for you, it may be wise to listen to their input. The same goes with your friends. If your heart is telling you to hang out with people who are detrimental to your growth, it might be time to trust your head instead.

If your social life overwhelms you this week, you could focus your attention on your career until the chaos settles. As Mercury in your 10th house of reputation forms a trine with Jupiter in your second house of finance, you have all the power to make serious moves in your personal growth. Prioritize your needs first.

Scorpio: You Could Feel Incredibly Conflicted About Something

Both Mars and Pluto (your ruling planets) form stressful oppositions this week that may flood your inner world with complications. As Pluto forms an opposition with Mercury, you may have so many conflicting ideas that you don't know which one to trust. Matters are made more difficult when Venus in your 10th house of social status forms an opposition with Mars in your fourth house of home and family. You may feel trapped between what your family expects from you and actually concentrating on your life's goals.

However, the fortunate energy that's coming from Mercury trine Jupiter will help you make the right decisions. Since Mercury is in your ninth house of adventure, there's no time to hold yourself back to please others. The wind is taking you beautiful places. There's no reason to look back.