These Signs Will Feel Emotionally Repressed This Week, So Watch Out

I know some of you think you're cursed when you read that your zodiac sign has made the "worst week" list, but that's the last thing I want to leave you with. Remember your life is a long journey and sometimes there are a few bumps in the road. However, those bumps help you appreciate the ride once it becomes smooth. They make the destination all the more worthwhile once you reach it. And besides, you're strong enough to handle anything, so when I say June 10, 2019 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs, don't sweat it. This is a hectic week in astrology and no one is better equipped to deal with it than you. If you've got your sun or rising sign in Cancer, Leo, or Sagittarius, just remember: Everything is temporary.

When I say this is a hectic week, I mean that the sun will be forming a square with tiresome, illusive, and dreamy Neptune throughout the majority of it. This could amp up the sensitivity, create irrational delusions, and drain you of motivation. Plus, the sun will be opposing larger-than-life Jupiter, which leaves you with a hunger for life that you may not be able to satiate. What else? By midweek, brainy Mercury and aggressive Mars will both oppose limiting and disciplinary Saturn. If you feel like you keep running into walls, that is definitely no surprise. To be quite honest, every sign in the zodiac will feel this energy, so it's not just you.

However, here's why it may be affecting you even more intensely:

Cancer: You Could Feel Like Reality Is Hard To Deal With

Because the sun is in your 12th house of the subconscious, you're in the midst of an incredibly introspective and personal time. You may not feel like being around lots of people or keeping up with the hustle and bustle. However, this week, the sun will form a square to Neptune, which could stir up some strange and irrational feelings from deep within. Remember, not everything you feel is based on reality.

Luckily, Mars and Mercury are in your first house, powering you and inspiring you when it forms a trine with Neptune by midweek. This is the creative flow and spiritual guidance you need right now.

Leo: It May Feel Difficult To Connect With What You're Feeling

With Mercury and Mars in your 12th house of spirituality, you're feeling quite remote from the world. These transits slow you down because what you're feeling inside is so immense and deserves time to be internally processed. However, because both Mars and Mercury will oppose Saturn this week, you may feel like connecting with and unpacking your emotions is made all the more difficult. You may even be reckoning with some negative thought patterns that hold you back.

Throughout all the heavy-handedness, Mars and Mercury will form a trine with Neptune this week, reminding you that life will always work itself out. There's a reason for everything.

Sagittarius: There Could Be Something Blocking You Emotionally

Your eighth house of intimacy, depth, and financial ties is current being activated by Mars and Mercury. This makes it an incredibly sensitive and spiritually charged time where you want to go deeper in life instead of just grazing the surface. However, when Mars and Mercury oppose Saturn this week, you could feel as though it's difficult to reach that depth. You may feel sexually and emotionally inhibited. There's a chance you could even be faced with the consequences of questionable financial decisions.

However, because these planets will also form a trine with Neptune, you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel. All of these issues can be worked out.