Jonathan Van Ness Revealed He Got Married Months Ago & Nobody Knew Until Now


Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness is looking back on 2020 and sharing one surprise milestone that came out of it. On New Year's Eve, the Netflix star revealed that he'd tied the knot to his "best friend" — and his Queer Eye co-stars were quick to take to social media to congratulate him. Here's what to know about Jonathan Van Ness’ secret 2020 wedding and his partner, Mark Peacock.

Van Ness subtly dropped in the big news during an end-of-year Instagram post detailing some of his major highlights of 2020.

"Thank you universe for allowing me to be here & thanks to everyone who has supported me. 2020 was a year unlike any other," he captioned his post, which included photos of him attending a rally for Elizabeth Warren, doing gymnastics with Simone Biles, doing a Facetime call with his Queer Eye co-stars, and holding hands with Peacock.

After sharing some personal triumphs, including hitting the campaign trail and touring for his standup show, he let the cat out of the bag. "I got married to my best friend & have a loving partner to continue building my life with," he wrote.

While he didn't tag his partner or mention him by name in the Instagram post, he later share more information about his nuptials on Twitter.

"Surprise," he wrote. "We got married in the backyard of a house we rented over the summer with a socially distanced judge & a photographer. Our parents watched over FaceTime. Love my Mark & we’re so happy to share this news. Happy New Year!"

His Queer Eye were quick to celebrate the news in the comments section.

"Yay!! That was a hard secret to keep!!" Bobby Berk wrote, adding the laughing face emoji. "Love you Mark and Johnny!" Meanwhile, Karamo Brown also expressed relief that he didn't have to keep it a secret anymore, writing, "Yay! We can finally celebrate it publicly!! So happy for you!!!!!! One of the most Beautiful couples in the world. Love you & Happy New year @jvn."

Tan France chimed in, "Happy New Year, Jackaaay! I love you. Here’s hoping next year is so much better, and that we can finally celebrate your marriage," while Antoni Porowski took a more playful approach by commenting on another one of Van Ness' life updates.

"Wait you got a dog?!?!?!" he wrote.

Peacock also shared the news in an Instagram post, calling Van Ness his "soulmate and one true love."

While many of us may be more than happy to close the chapter on 2020, it sounds like Van Ness had a lot of big things to be thankful for over the past year. Congratulations to the happy couple!