Jonathan Van Ness & Mark Peacock's Astrological Compatibility Is A+

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

Congrats to Jonathan Van Ness and Mark Peacock, who are already everyone's favorite couple of 2021. Although they kept their relationship pretty private throughout 2020, fans now know the couple may have started dating sometime in February and were married by the end of the year. If you're curious about how the stars played into this couple's whirlwind romance, look no further than Jonathan Van Ness and Mark Peacock's astrological compatibility. Their relationship timeline and the tenderness they have for each other totally makes sense when you factor in their zodiac signs.

JVN was born on March 28, which makes them an Aries. Fire signs are known for being bold and fearless — two words you could totally use to describe Van Ness. Meanwhile, Instagram sleuthing will tell you that Peacock's birthday is Aug. 23, which makes him a Virgo. This sign is known for being studious and hardworking. And even though earth signs are often reserved, Virgos have the least chill.

Together, not only do Virgo and Aries make a power couple, but they're also fiercely devoted to each other. Here's what else you should know about Peacock & Van Ness' astro compatibility. Spoiler alert: It's intense, but ultimately nourishing.

Both Signs Go Hard Across The Board

Both signs bring their A-game in their professional lives and personal passions. JVN is tireless. On top of being an LGBTQ+ advocate, they're a host on Queer Eye and they run their own podcast, Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness. Looking at Peacock's Instagram, it's clear he takes his fitness seriously. These are just a few signs of Aries and Virgo's dedication to their crafts, which can often translate into care and attention to their relationships.

They Can Have A Lot Of Fun Together

This pairing is a prime example of the "work hard, play hard" mentality. Aries doesn't do anything in halves, so as soon as they clock out of work, they're ready to have a good time. Virgo can be a bit more straight-laced, which is why Aries makes the perfect partner for them.

Of course, you'd have to look at both partners' birth charts for their complete astrological compatibility, but Peacock's birthday is on the first day of Virgo season, making him a cusper. A Virgo-Leo cusp can have some lion-like bravado, which can be a lot of fun for Aries. They're the kind of partner who'd make a great Oscars date, and an ideal person to bring to Amsterdam to meet your mom and friends, à la JVN and Peacock.

They Bring Balance To Each Other's Lives

Aries is the kind of sign who'd pull Virgo out of their thinking spiral and remind them to step away from their desk and take a water break. Meanwhile, Virgo gives Aries a dose of reality. They'd be the one to bring logistics to Aries' impromptu, weekend getaway plans. While these two signs may seem different in temperament, they have a lot of complementary traits can make them the perfect romantic fit for each other.

All this in mind, of course this Virgo-Aries couple thrived during 2020. Even with the world in chaos, they were there to encourage each other's hustles, intellectually stimulate each other, ground each other (in Aries' case), and remind each other to have some fun every once in a while (looking at you, Virgo). Looking at their astro compatibility, it's no wonder JVN and Peacock hit it off and built their love during quarantine.