Jonathan Van Ness' 'Game Of Thrones' Recap Show 'Gay Of Thrones' Returns This Tuesday

by Dylan Kickham
Funny Or Die

Everyone with a Netflix account got to know Jonathan Van Ness last year thanks to the success of the rebooted Queer Eye, but to a certain segment of the Game of Thrones fandom, Van Ness has been famous for over five years now. That is thanks to his hilarious recap show Gay of Thrones. Some fans may have been worried that Van Ness may be too busy this year to keep his recaps going for a final season, but thankfully we can now confirm that Jonathan Van Ness' Game of Thrones recap show Gay of Thrones is back next week to break down all the drama (and the questionable hairdos) in Westeros.

A self-professed Game of Thrones superfan, Jonathan Van Ness began recapping every episode of the HBO fantasy series back in 2013, turning his hair salon into the perfect arena to go over all the most pressing details from the previous week's episode. Each episode of Gay of Thrones, which is streamable on and produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's comedy site Funny or Die, features a different comedian going over the current events in Westeros with Van Ness in his signature colloquialisms. Notable past guests have included Margaret Cho, Trixie Mattel, Maria Bamford, and even actual Game of Thrones star Alfie Allen.

The future of Gay of Thrones was unclear heading into the HBO hit's eighth and final season, though, because Jonathan Van Ness had become considerably more famous from Queer Eye, which debuted months after the most recent episode of Gay of Thrones since Game of Thrones took a year-and-a-half hiatus before its final season. But thank the seven gods, Van Ness confirmed Gay of Thrones will return for its last season. A new video from Funny or Die chronicles many of the times Van Ness has uttered his catch phrase "Where are my dragons?" over the past several years, and it ends with present-day Van Ness confirming the new season of Gay of Thrones will premiere two days after the Game of Thrones season premiere. Check out the announcement video below:

And fans should not be surprised if this new season of Gay of Thrones is the biggest one yet, possibly even with some surprises and even bigger guest stars. After all, this will be the first season of the web series to air since Jonathan Van Ness gained Netflix stardom from Queer Eye, plus this is the final season of Game of Thrones, after all.

Sadly, it looks like Gay of Thrones will only be running for six episodes this time around, mirroring Game of Thrones' lowest episode count ever. But on the bright side, the episodes may have to longer than their usual 3- to 6-minute run, since the final Game of Thrones episodes are reported to hit up to 80 minutes in length. It sounds like this is all adding up to the best season of Gay of Thrones ever.

The final season of Gay of Thrones will premiere on Tuesday, April 16 on Funny or Die.