Aaron Samuels Got Engaged & The Proposal Was So Fetch

by Candice Jalili
Amanda Edwards/WireImage/Getty Images

I'm sorry to Regina George and Cady Heron, but Aaron Samuels is officially off the market. And Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan's proposal story could not be any more adorable. Bennett, the actor who played Samuels, and Vaughan shared the sweet story in a Nov. 30 interview with People.

Try not to cry too hard, but Vaughan literally wrote a song to propose to Bennett. "We would always hear songs and think, 'Oh, that would be our song if just this part or that part were different,' so as a result we didn’t have a song that was 'ours,'" Bennett explained. And so, Vaughan set out to create just that while Bennett was away in Canada filming The Christmas House.

Then, when Bennett was back, Vaughan told him that they were going to take their family Christmas photos. "My sister shouted for me to come outside “real quick” and my F.O.M.O. kicked in so I ran outside," Bennett recalled. "Then I looked over and saw Jaymes holding a sign that said 'We never did find our song, so I wrote it for you.' That’s when I knew was getting proposed to because it was the same type of sign he made when he told me he loved me for the first time. And then I began to ugly-cry the ugliest cry anyone has ever cried."

Cue: the song. "Then I heard a song playing from a place I didn’t even realize we had a speaker and Jaymes told me to just listen," Bennett continued. "It was Jaymes’s voice singing the most beautiful song I had ever heard, a song about our relationship. I’ve always loved his voice, and to hear his voice singing to me was really special. It's hard to describe what it feels like to have a song written about you that is so specific and that reassures all your insecurities. It was the best song I’ve ever heard."

Vaughan explained, "Every single part of the song was personal to Jonathan. Every lyric, even the structure of the melody was designed with how I knew he’d sing it back to me. He has this really cute way of singing things back to me. I just wanted him to feel like the most special person in those three minutes of first hearing the song."

"And I did," Bennett confirmed. "And then I had to walk over to him and I was just thinking when did our yard get so big? It felt like I was walking in slow motion."

Needless to say, Bennett said yes. "When I saw Jaymes take a knee I was so excited I just started hysterically screaming because I didn’t know how to express myself properly," he recounted. "There was a moment when you feel like 'Oh, this is forever, I understand it.' I screamed 'Yes' immediately. Actually it was, 'Yes! Of course!'"

So happy for these two!