Jojo Siwa Has A Message For Haters Who Say She Acts Younger Than Charli D'Amelio

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Jojo Siwa and Charli D'Amelio are two of the biggest names on the internet right now. Since they're both around the same age, trolls often compare the two stars and send them unnecessary hate. While they may think Siwa doesn't read their comments, the star revealed she has definitely noticed them and she's not OK with them. Jojo Siwa's response to haters comparing her to Charli D'Amelio was so on point.

Despite haters constantly pointing out the differences between Siwa and D'Amelio, the two actually have a lot in common. One similarity is they were both thrust into the spotlight at an early age.

Siwa's big breakout, for example, came when she debuted on Dance Moms in 2015 at just 11 years old. Following her exit from the show, Siwa went on to release music and star in countless television shows and films. As she gained more success, the 16-year-old star unfortunately received more hate from trolls, who often criticize her for acting and dressing too young for her age. Meanwhile, D'Amelio, who is 15 years old, gained attention for her relatable TikTok videos.

Since the girls have similar platforms, haters tend to compare the girls and make fun of Siwa for supposedly looking younger than D'Amelio even though she's older (by barely a year, mind you). And while it's true Siwa and D'Amelio are totally different, no two teenagers dress exactly alike, so the comparisons are unfair.

Instead of ignoring those criticisms, Siwa addressed them head on through TikTok. "'sHes oLdeR thAn ChArLi' is my personal favorite comment I get," Siwa captioned a TikTok video to her followers.

The video had the text "When 'normal' teenagers say to me 'act your age'..." over it and, in the clip, Siwa lip synced to "Boss B*tch" by Doja Cat. "I ain't tryna/ I ain't tryna/ I ain't tryna/ Yeah, ain't tryna be cool like you," Siwa mouthed.

Jojo Siwa TikTok

In an August 2019 Facebook post, Siwa also addressed criticism she receives for her choice of clothing. "I know I dress different, I know I act different, I know people my age don’t normally live life the way I live mine, but I get to do what I love 24/7 and I get to inspire the next generation of kids on such important incredible things like being kind, being confident, and having fun!" Siwa wrote.

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Siwa may be young, but her response to trolls hating on her style was so mature and I respect for it.