Jojo Siwa Just Opened Up About Kim K's Parenting Skills After That Vlog With North West

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For those of you who have doubts about Kim Kardashian’s parenting skills, JoJo Siwa is here to tell you that she’s an awesome mom. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Siwa opened up about what it was like to film a video with North West and have Kardashian around to chaperone the whole thing. JoJo Siwa’s comments about Kim Kardashian’s parenting skills are all the confirmation you need to know that she loves being a mom!

Siwa celebrated her Sweet 16 on April 9 and Us Weekly was there to cover the celebration. During an interview with the outlet, Siwa talked about what Kardashian was like when she was filming a vlog with Kardashian’s daughter North.

“She was really into it,” Siwa told Us Weekly. “She was always there. Like, she let North do her thing, but she was always there in case she needed her. That was a really good thing.”

Hm, sounds like Kardashian is a really hands-on kind of mom. I think that’s probably something she gets from her own mother, Kris Jenner, who’s always there when her kids need her. It’s really sweet that Siwa picked up on Kardashian’s interest and involvement in what North is doing. It just goes to show that Kardashian truly wants the best for North and her siblings!

Here’s what JoJo and North got up to when they hung out together:

During her interview with Us Weekly, Siwa also shared that North, 5, is always welcome on stage with her if she ever wants to be part of a dance number.

“If she wants to come onstage, she’s invited,” Siwa told Us of her upcoming concert. “I love sharing the stage with [my friends]. She’s definitely invited if she wants to come dance for a number.”

That’s so sweet of Siwa! It seems like she really likes North and she’s equally enthusiastic about her friendship with Kardashian. Apparently, Kardashian and Siwa text all the time.

“[Kim] sends me pictures of the kids,” Siwa explained. “I asked her if the kids were coming today, and she responded with what the answer was. We just talk.”

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Along with sending Siwa photos of her kids, Kardashian also shares bits of advice with the 16-year-old.

“She actually gave me some great advice. She said she was always here for me if I needed it, so she’s a really sweet person,” Siwa said of Kardashian. “I think that we both understand what this world is like, and that we both just want people to be nice and be happy and be friends and be supportive, and I think that’s what makes it work.”

Wow, Siwa is shedding a lot of light on what an awesome person Kardashian is here. It’s rare to see this side of Kardashian, especially since people so frequently criticize her because of her "reality TV star" persona. But Siwa and even her mom Jessalynn Siwa appreciate Kardashian quite a lot.

Siwa’s mom gushed about Kardashian to Us Weekly, saying, “Kim texts JoJo all the time. And she’ll be like, ‘Hang on, mom. Kim’s texting me.’ They’re really good friends, and I love it. I love it so much.“

Aw, this sounds like such a lovely friendship! And if Siwa’s comments are anything to go by, then Kardashian is a real sweetheart!