Welcome To The World In Which JoJo Siwa's Hair Is Now Brown

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Maybe this is dramatic (OK, this is definitely dramatic), but JoJo Siwa's bright blonde hair, in her side ponytail and accented with huge bow, is one of the most consistent things in my life. Imagine the utter shock I experienced upon seeing, Siwa's new brown hair, a warm, deep, chocolate-y shade that could not make her look more different. Hold on tight, everyone, because we're all entering a new era of JoJo.

The 17-year-old, who rose to fame as a cast member on Dance Moms, as come to garner hoards of younger fans thanks to her music career and spunky, outgoing personality, complete with bows galore and glittery, rainbow outfits. Since her Dance Moms days, many things about Siwa have remained consistent, but arguably the most steadfast thing about her was her platinum blonde hair, always slicked back and styled in a high side ponytail, with an enormous, colorful bow at the base of it. However, on Saturday, June 27, Siwa posted a video on TikTok signifying the blonde JoJo days are over.

In the video, set to Miley Cyrus' "Can't Be Tamed," Siwa lip syncs to the video, her signature blonde ponytail still in tact, before twirling to reveal the her new warm brown hair, styled in the same way, but curly. She also includes a clip of her flipping her new hair while it's down.

Immediately, fans flooded the comments with notes of praise, love, and utter disbelief. Some even noted Siwa's music choice as a potential sign of an impending "transformation" of sorts, similar to when Miley Cyrus herself shedded her younger image. However, Siwa's made it clear in the past she's confident in and loves who she is, and has no desire to "change" her image or personality.

Oh, and if you thought, maybe, just maybe, this brown hair was joke, you thought wrong. Siwa posted another TikTok video after this debut, still with brown hair, meaning the new look is here to stay — at least for a little while.