JoJo Revealed How She & Jordan Knew They Wanted To Get Married & I'm Crying

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JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are truly the definition of relationship goals. This couple has been blessing my life with cute content ever since they got engaged on JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette back in 2016. They’re currently in the midst of planning their wedding, which will reportedly take place sometime next year — and JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers' quotes about getting married are enough to make anyone swoon. It’s finally happening, people!

JoJo and Jordan, co-hosts of Paramount Network’s new show Battle of the Fittest Couples, spoke with Elite Daily about the moment they knew they were ready to tie the knot. “It was at [Jordan’s] brother Luke’s wedding, we were dancing to a song, and we were having this moment,” JoJo remembers. “And we just kind of looked at each other like, ‘Let’s do this!” … It’s been long enough, there’s nothing else we need to figure out. This [relationship] is in a really great place, and we’re ready.”

Jordan’s older brother Luke Rodgers married Aimee Wathen in April 2019, and Jordan shared a sweet Instagram caption at the time that clued fans in about a potential future wedding. “Wedding Day for these two! Couldn’t be happier to add a sister to the family! @joelle_fletcher we are up next!” he wrote, along with a kissing face emoji.

And as it turns out, that caption did hint at a pivotal moment for the couple. Three years into their relationship, they decided to start planning the wedding in earnest. JoJo reveals that she and Jordan have chosen a date and venue for the big day, and the bridal party will include Becca Tilley, JoJo’s best friend from the Bachelor franchise. They’re aiming to have 150 to 200 attendees, although they haven’t narrowed down the guest list just yet.

For fans of the couple, this is major news. They’ve taken their time to nail down a wedding date, even joking on social media about how people think their wedding is forever away. “Those three years, yes, it was a long time,” JoJo explains to Elite Daily. “But I wouldn’t have changed anything about it.” She says their time living together as a couple has taught them both about what it means to compromise. “People always ask us, what is it like living together right after you get off the show, and it’s an adjustment period,” she notes. “You’re still kind of learning this person. As well as you think you know them, there’s so much more to learn.”

Jordan echoes this. “I think you learn most how to handle each other, how to support each other, how to communicate with each other in times of stress and when things aren’t great. And that’s something that you don’t always get when you meet the way we did,” he says. “You don’t get to see that person at their worst and learn what you have to do for that person to help them. So that’s always something to continue to work on in relationships.”

That’s not to say they’ve learned all there is to know about each other. “We’re always learning, we’re always adjusting,” JoJo says. “You’re never going to go through a phase of life where you just stop trying to compromise, or stop trying to see your partner’s point of view. It’s always just giving your partner the benefit of the doubt, communicating.”

Plus, according to Jordan, it never hurts to keep certain things private. “And always leaving the door closed when you go number two,” he adds. “You want to keep the romance alive.”

JoJo quips back, “I’ve never left the door open.” Now there’s a relatable relationship tip if I’ve ever heard one.

These two live and work together, which isn’t always an easy balance for couples to juggle. But they maintain a sincere appreciation for what they bring to each other’s lives. JoJo mentions that her favorite thing about her fiancé is the way he makes her feel. “Not only is he so passionate and hardworking in his own career, he also really motivates me, supports me, and always always pushes me to be my absolute best in the most positive, supportive way,” she tells Elite Daily. “That’s something that I’ve never had in my past, and it’s something that I absolutely adore and love so very much.”

Jordan says he loves JoJo’s authenticity. “JoJo has the best and purest heart,” he affirms. “She’s the most kind person to everybody, and that’s something that I so respect and so appreciate. Everybody that she encounters, whether it’s someone doing coffee, or her family, or a fan … It’s not an act.” BRB, crying in the club.

These days, when they’re not planning their wedding (or making you emo), JoJo and Jordan can be found hosting Battle of the Fittest Couples, a reality television series where couples compete in fitness challenges for a grand prize of $100,000. “We have all these couples that are fit in a unique way,” Jordan says. “They all live together under one roof, which creates some craziness in itself, from strategy to competition to just dislike.” Each week, one couple is eliminated in a challenge round.

Besides seeing the contestants battle it out in physical contests, viewers can learn about the dynamic of their relationships as well. “A lot of time, it’s the strength between couples, just mentally, emotionally, that really starts to outweigh physical strength in certain aspects,” JoJo explains. She says she and Jordan picked up a few tips from watching from the show. “What we did learn is that there’s so much strength in communication,” she notes. “There’s so much strength in sticking together and working together.”

Does it get any cuter than this? JoJo and Jordan may still have wedding details to iron out, but they aren’t slowing down in any area of their lives. From living together, hosting shows together, and planning their future, they’re a real-life power couple at work. While I wait patiently for more clues about their wedding plans, I’ll be rewatching some of their cutest moments on The Bachelorette — along with this dramatic new show and the couple's other reality project, Cash Pad. Let's be real, I can never get enough of JoJo and Jordan on my screen.

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