Watch JoJo Fletcher Assign Jordan Rodgers The Cutest Bachelor Nation Superlatives

by Stephanie Ironson
Originally Published: 
Elite Daily

You can take the girl out of Bachelor Nation, but you can't take Bachelor Nation out of the girl. Although it's been three years since JoJo Fletcher was The Bachelorette's leading lady, she's still a big part part of the ABC family. Proving just how strong the franchise bond is, JoJo plays Bachelor Nation superlatives at Elite Daily, giving fans some behind-the-scenes info about their favorite contestants.

Before diving into the game, JoJo has tea to spill. The 28-year-old reality star, who is currently promoting a partnership with Cape Line (which makes the "best sparkling cocktails," she notes) has a lot on her plate right now outside of the Bachelor world. She has her booming clothing line Fletch, and her new CNBC show Cash Pad with her fiancé, Jordan Rodgers, is garnering a ton of attention.

"This is a lot different [than The Bachelorette] because it has to do with my career, and the fact that Jordan’s been able to come on board with it and loves renovating homes with me, it’s so much fun and we work really great together." JoJo explains, "He’s my construction therapist, it’s so great to have him there, any time I can’t make a decision he’s there. He just keeps me laughing, it makes those really long work days way more enjoyable."

They may be trading in roses for construction hats, but their romance is definitely alive and well. JoJo finally answers the question Bachelor Nation has been asking since 2016: When will her and Jordan get married? "We just celebrated our three-year anniversary and we’re starting our wedding planning right after we finish filming Cash Pad. We’re planning on getting married next year, spring or summer, just gotta find the venue and set a date. It’s very exciting, three years, we took our time and it feels so right. We took our time."

Although they're moving on from Bachelor Nation, JoJo has no problem reliving her Bachelorette glory days. Watch her hand out superlatives to all your favorite contestants:

*Please note that JoJo adorably assigned two superlatives to her hubby-to-be: Best Dresser and Most Likely To Save People From A Burning Building.* AND she assigned not one, not two, but three superlatives to her Bachelor BFF Becca Tilley: Best Dresser, Most Likely To Have 12 Kids, and Most Lazy.

Recently, JoJo joined every former Bachelorette for a reunion back at the Bachelor mansion. For fans at home, the special felt like a big, high school reunion — and the feeling was mutual for the leading ladies. "We all feel like a family but not all of us have met.... Especially me," JoJo says, "I was a fan of the show before I was ever the Bachelorette. Emily Maynard was my favorite Bachelorette, so getting to meet her in person was really cool ... We all come from such different experiences, so it was just an amazing experience to share that with them."

You can shop now for Fletch clothing online, and mark your calendars because Cash Pad premieres on at 9 p.m. on Thursday, July 25, on CNBC.

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