John Boyega Isn't Here For Porgs In 'The Last Jedi' & Here's Why

by Ani Bundel

Ever since porgs were introduced to the Star Wars canon back in July of this year, the adorable little furry-penguin like critters have captured fans' imaginations, including their tiny baby porglets, and their habit of wearing ponchos when it rains. But not everyone is a porg convert. In fact, actor John Boyega admitted he hated the porgs in The Last Jedi, much to the distress of porg lovers everywhere.

But before we start screaming headlines that this is the end of porg-mania as we know it, and how porg futures are crashing on Wall Street, let's hear Boyega out. Apparently he had a very good reason for his dislike of the little creatures.

Talking to ScreenCrush, Boyega said that his first encounter with them was unsettling to say the least. He said his response was "horror." (He also says "ew" when the interviewer first brings up porgs in general.) Why?

I saw the porgs in the hole in the Millennium Falcon, with tiny smaller ones all bunched together. From then, we always got off on a bad foot.

Wait a second... "Porgs in the hole?" With others, all bunched together? Are these porgs just traveling on the Falcon to be part of the adventure? Or are they refugees who are suddenly homeless? Did Rey's arrival accidentally lead to the porgs losing their home world?

Then there's this clip:

Fans have been calling this the "Chewie Punches Porg" trailer. Are these creatures really chums of our heroes? Or are they basically taking over the Falcon because they have nowhere else to go, and there are way too many of them? Are they basically... an infestation?

Boyega makes it sound like the latter is closer to the truth:

I haven’t seen the movie yet so I don’t know how they play in the film. But I thought there was like a porg infestation on the Falcon! Because they were everywhere! And Chewie — if you’ve seen the trailer — he slaps one off the deck of the ship. So, yeah, it was always itchy times if I saw some porgs. If I saw one porg by itself, in a big size, it’s much better. But if I see a bunch of little critters all together, looking like bugs, it makes me itchy.

That certainly sound far less cute than we were assuming. It makes me wonder if the Falcon isn't going to smell a bit like an over-sized hamster cage after the porgs have been inhabiting their "porg hole" for a few weeks.

Boyega insists it's really gross:

I need to get a fan to draw something for me so I can show people exactly what I’m talking about, how nasty that looks.

But even if the reality of porgs is that they're animals, is that such a major deal? As any cat owner will tell you, owning kittens may be the most adorable thing in the world, but it also means you have a box of poo in your house that needs scooping daily. And that's an animal that is biologically programmed to clean up after themselves. Somehow I don't think that porgs have the same instincts, and they certainly don't look like they are quite up to the level of indoor plumbing.

Whether or not Lucasfilm (and Disney) are planning to let that level of reality come through for the Porgs, especially if they are refugees on the Falcon. But as an actor, one can see why Boyega might think the Porgs-as-Pets movement might be a little on the insane side.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives in theaters everywhere on Dec. 15, 2017.