Joey King called out Jacob Elordi after he said he didn't watch 'The Kissing Booth 2.'

Jacob Elordi Said He Didn’t Watch ‘The Kissing Booth 2’ But Joey King Totally Called Him Out

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Joey King is calling out ex-boyfriend Jacob Elordi following his comments about their Netflix film, The Kissing Booth 2. Elordi appeared to shade the movie by claiming he hadn't seen it during an Aug. 6 interview with Variety — but his co-star wasn't buying it. Joey King’s response to Jacob Elordi about The Kissing Booth 2 doesn't hesitate to go in on his claim.

It all started when the Euphoria star told Variety he hadn't watched the recently released sequel to the former couple's hit Netflix romantic comedy. In addition to telling the interviewer to "be honest" after they said they liked the film, he admitted, "I haven’t seen it. You’ve seen more than I have. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that, but I haven’t."

King appeared to take issue with her co-star's claim and insinuated that he wasn't being truthful, tweeting then deleting, "Jacob watched it. He’s capping."

The pair met on the set of The Kissing Booth in 2017 and began dating shortly after. "Was it love at first sight? Well, I thought he was very cute when we first met, but it started as a friendship," she said during a 2018 interview with Bello Magazine. "Right away we were talking about gross things with each other. But before long I started to realize, ‘Hey, I think I kind of like this person.'"

King said spending so much time together helped contribute to their whirlwind romance. "It was such an interesting experience meeting your boyfriend on set because you spend so much time together and become so close so fast," she said. "We were spending 17 hours a day together, and all of us would hang out after work and watch movies together and stuff. It was great."


However, they'd called it quits by 2019. During an Oct. 2019 episode of the podcast Mood With Lauren Elizabeth, King admitted it had been difficult to reprise her role opposite her ex in the sequel, but it was a "sacrifice" that ultimately helped her grow as an actor.

"It was fine. It was good," King said. "...what, obviously, everyone is thinking about — outwardly addressing — but what I'm kind of on the sly addressing [is that] making those sacrifices was totally worth it." Calling it a "wild experience," she added, "But honestly, it was a really beautiful time. Because I learned a lot about myself and I grew as an actor. I grew as a person on this."

While it's hard to know where the exes stand now, King and her other co-star Taylor Zakhar Perez have become close, even spurring romance rumors.

During an Aug. 5 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Perez opened up about how they became so close. "We just kind of hit it off. When we were in South Africa, we had dinner together," he said. "I cooked for her, she cooked for me. We just became kind of like, the best of friends."

While he had no shortage of praise for his co-star, he shot down speculation that they were anything but platonic.

"I love her. I love her dearly. I’d do anything for her," he said. "We’re not dating. I’ll end it with that."

Elordi has yet to respond to King's tweet, but the pair will head back to the big screen together once again when The Kissing Booth 3 is released.