The Story Behind Jim & Pam's First Kiss On 'The Office' Is Ridiculously Cute

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You'd think on-screen kisses would be NBD for actors. Apparently, that's not always the case — especially when it's your first on-screen kiss. Back in 2005 when The Office premiered, John Krasinski was a 25-year-old unknown actor whose biggest roles to date included "Messenger No. 3" in 2004's Taxi and "Flea Club Candidate 1" in 2002's Alma Mater. (Yes, seriously.) And because neither of those roles involved any smooching, Jim and Pam's first kiss on The Office also happened to Krasinski's first-ever acting kiss. During a recent appearance on Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey's podcast Office Ladies, Krasinski discussed how nervous he'd been while filming, and somehow, this makes Jim and Pam's romance even more endearing.

As you might recall, Jim and Pam's debut smooch happened during the final episode of Season 2, "Casino Night." On the day of filming, Fischer and Krasinski were purposely kept apart for the entire day, and Fischer recalled that director Ken Kwapis deemed both her and Krasinski "off-the-charts nervous." Oh, and it probably didn't help that the screen description in the script read, "JIM KISSES PAM!!!" Super low-key. Fischer may have been "one kiss more experienced" than her costar, but she was just as anxious about it as Krasinski. Luckily, it ended up being (as Fischer called it) the "perfect kiss."

"I remember genuinely being extremely nervous," Krasinski admitted to Fischer and Kinsey. "I think I had interpreted it as the biggest scene I had done on the show. Something to that level of intensity was like super terrifying to me and I remember being like, 'Hey, bro. Remember when you thought you were an actor? Tonight ruins that whole mirage.'"

Fischer agreed, saying, "I remember feeling very alone in the parking lot." She later added, "People always ask about the kiss, but this was the scene we worked hardest on. And it makes sense to me. Saying 'I love you' is such a vulnerable thing, and you do it so honestly, John." According to Fischer, Krasinski also "cried in a couple of the takes," and now I'm crying. Thanks a lot, Jenna.

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In addition to discussing that memorable smooch, Krasinski and Fischer talked about what it was like to audition with each other. "What if you walked into a room and music started playing and you and another person just started dancing in unison even though you'd never met? That's what it was like auditioning with you.” Krasinski said, adding, "I felt like I could see the future." Cover your ears, Emily Blunt!

When he got his casting call, Krasinski said that — after he "jumped on a couch" — he asked whether Fischer got the part of Pam. And when Fischer was cast, her very first question was whether Krasinski got the part of Jim. As Krasinski explained to Fischer, "I thought if you were on [The Office], I was gonna be on one of the best things I was ever gonna do in my life."

So basically, Krasinski and Fischer were as meant-to-be as Jim and Pam, and this whole interview made my heart grow three sizes. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to rewatch "Casino Night" for the hundredth time.

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