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There's A Reason Jill Biden's Dress At The Address To Congress Looks So Familiar


Well, it's certainly not fishnets, but Jill Biden's outfit at the 2021 address to Congress made a statement nonetheless. Known for her professional yet stylish silhouettes at every major event she attends, Biden's look for the president's congressional address hit on all the sartorial considerations fashion lovers have come to expect from her: sleek, streamlined, ever-so-slightly playful, and meaningful. Biden's look for the night, while gorgeous, is actually a throwback to an incredibly special moment. And if you think you've seen it on her before, you're not technically wrong.

More specifically, Biden wore a dark, fitted Gabriela Hearst sheath dress with a sheer neckline and sleeves. Colorful floral embroidery adorned the sheer parts of her dress, traveling down the length of her sleeves, and her mask even featured florals embroidered on the side. The look stayed on par with her typical political fashion, which includes many a monochromatic moment, smart blazers, and lively florals. So on par, in fact, that Biden has seemingly worn this dress before — but in a different color.

You might remember Biden wearing this dress (or at least one that looks incredibly similar) from the night of President Biden's inauguration. The white dress and matching coat, both also designed by Gabriela Hearst, that Biden wore were made sustainably and featured floral embroidery around the hem of the coat and along the neckline and sleeves of the dress. You can't help but stan someone who loves a piece of clothing so much, she gets it in every color.

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Biden's outfit for the night of the 2021 inauguration received much recognition for its careful attention to detail. The multicolored motif symbolized unity, according to the designer, and featured flowers from every U.S. state and territory, each of which took two to four hours to create. The inner lining of Biden's dress featured an embroidered quote from Benjamin Franklin that speaks to Biden's background as a lifelong educator: "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

Biden recently made headlines with her fashion choices when she was pictured deplaning Air Force One in early April. Point-blank, there was nothing remarkable about the outfit — a black dress with a leather hem, a black blazer, black ankle booties, and black patterned tights — despite what some conservative commenters tried to make people believe. When photos of the first lady surfaced, some Twitter users erupted in outrage, positively gobsmacked over the fact that Biden would wear something as "inappropriate" as "fishnets." (The fact that the hosiery in question are technically not even fishnets is another issue entirely.)


Leaving opinions on whether or not patterned tights are apropos for the first lady aside, it's refreshing to see a political figure with a keen, relatable eye for fashion. I just hope, with every fiber of my being, Biden got the tights in every color, too.