The Meaning Behind Jill Biden's Inauguration Outfit Is Particularly Special

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As Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, the White House also welcomes its newest first lady. Jill Biden's 2021 Inauguration outfit couldn't have been a more perfect look for the occasion. This year's inauguration looked much different than those in recent years. Only the president-elect, Vice President Kamala Harris, and a small assortment of dignitaries were in attendance. Even without all the fanfare, Biden's dress was as elegant and chic as you could imagine. Naturally, there's also an important meaning behind the look.

Both Biden and her husband wore pieces by American designers. The president-elect will wear a navy suit by Ralph Lauren, and Biden is wearing a custom-made, ocean blue overcoat and dress from the emerging designer Alexandra O'Neill of Markarian. The cut of the dress was both romantic and wearable, keeping with Biden's usual style. The coat features dark blue velvet accents on the cuffs and collar. Swarovski crystals and pearls adorn the neckline in a delicate floral pattern and dot the entire coat. According to a press release shared with Elite Daily, the light blue color was chosen to signify "trust, confidence, and stability." She paired it, of course, with a matching silk mask, also by Markarian. The outfit was simple, classy, and, in a celebration of her country, American-made.

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This look undeniably aligns with the subtle messages Biden's conveyed throughout her husband's campaign. The night before the inauguration, Biden wore a purple wrap coat and dress by American designer Jonathon Cohen to a COVID-19 memorial. At the Democratic National Convention, arguably her most visible moment during the campaign, she wore a dark green shirtdress by Texan designer Brandon Maxwell as a nod to the red state. Then, at her first appearance as the future FLOTUS during Joe's acceptance speech in Wilmington, Delaware, she wore an asymmetric, floral Oscar de la Renta dress created by two American immigrants, Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim. This outfit was yet another symbol of the unity she and Joe campaigned for.

As the first FLOTUS to continue working outside of the White House, Biden's fashion is already somewhat of a departure from other first ladies. Her love of sophisticated dresses, often in jewel tones or florals, and blazers is befitting of a professor often in the classroom. Even in her inauguration outfit's glamour, it still kept true to Biden's down-to-earth style. While she looked elegant and chic at the inauguration, the professor also runs nearly every day in a T-shirt and leggings. It's called versatility.

Although this is only the beginning of what will hopefully be a great four years, you can expect to see much more of Biden's understated yet stunning looks, as well as her more relaxed 'fits.