You Can Fly To Cali For $39 With JetBlue's Latest Flash Sale For An Early Taste Of Summer

It's finally February, which means spring is slowly creeping in. The sun is staying out a teeny bit later every day, and the dark and snowy January nights have come and gone (for now). However, it's still winter — and the chill isn't completely gone yet. With that being said, you might be craving some sunshine and warmth. Thankfully, JetBlue's Hip-Hop Somewhere Great February 2019 flash sale is here to help you score cheap tickets to warm destinations. Heck, it even provides reasonable fares to locations that aren't exactly "hot," which is great for anyone who'd rather milk out the cold season than lay in the sun.

If you're a JetBlue customer, you might've received an email on Feb. 5 that advertises the company's Hip-Hop Somewhere Great sale. If you didn't, I'll fill you in on what it says. The airline's email provides what appears to be a music-themed flash sale, with "rock on" in the subject line and catchphrase that says "wrap up a winning getaway with these one-way hit wonders" in its graphic. (Get it?) My guess is that the airline tried wrapping a sale into the upcoming Grammy awards slated for Feb. 10, but it never confirmed that. Elite Daily reached out to JetBlue and asked for more official information on the special, but has not heard back by the time of publication.

For reference, here's a sneak peak at the announcement:

Screenshot Courtesy of Amanda Fama

As you can see, the sale promotes one-way flights starting at $64. (However, I stumbled across this $39 flight to California — but I'll talk more about that later.) If those prices excite you, then you should hop online and start scanning for deals ASAP. According to JetBlue's email, you'll have to book your discounted flight by Feb. 7 in order to score the cheap fares. For the sake of time, you might want to book now and plan later.

By booking your flight before Feb. 7, you'll be able to purchase a cheap trip between Feb. 12 and April 30. When you think about it, those are the prime months to escape what's left of the chilly season and get a taste of summer. However, while you're booking your trip, you should keep the sale's blackout date in mind. Per the company's email, that date is Tuesday, Feb. 19.

While I'm on the topic of "Tuesday," I'll let you in on another sale stipulation. According to JetBlue's email, the sale only adheres to Tuesday and Wednesday travel dates throughout the duration of the special. In other words, it might be best to plan your vacay around those days of the week so you can take advantage of the deals.

So, what other deals are included in the sale? The example that JetBlue uses on its announcement is a $64 flight from New York, New York to Charleston, South Carolina. As I previously mentioned, those of you trying to visit Cali can fly from Las Vegas, Nevada to Long Beach, California for $39. For more warmth, you can travel from Austin, Texas to Orlando, Florida for $64, or from Boston, Massachusetts to Nashville, Tennessee for $59. If you'd rather bask in the cold weather, head from New York, New York to Boston, Massachusetts for $69.

If those itineraries don't work for you, you can search for flights on JetBlue's sale page by entering your desired trip information and scanning for deals. Just remember to book by Feb. 7 in order to score discounted tickets.