Jessica Posted The Sweetest IG For Justin's 40th B-Day

by Candice Jalili
Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Need a little dose of romance in your life? Look no further than Jessica Biel's 40th birthday Instagram for Justin Timberlake. "There’s no one I have more fun with, have more laughs with, feel more deeply for, and have more history with," Jessica wrote on Jan. 31 alongside a series of pictures of herself and Justin over the years. "I honor you today, baby. And wish you the most creative and fulfilling year to date. Happy 40th, my love."

This isn't the first time Jessica has crushed the Instagram caption game. Take her Father's Day 2020 tribute to Justin, for example. "To the dad who not only protects and provides but most importantly, PLAYS, and puts up with all our shenanigans. And teaches and guides and comforts and accepts and respects," she wrote alongside a picture of Justin and their eldest child Silas. "Being a dad can sometimes be a thankless job, but today we hope you know how important you are in our lives. We love you forever and ever and a day. Love mom and Silas."

She even managed to make her Mother's Day 2020 post a low-key shoutout to Justin. "These two people make being a momma the greatest job in the whole world! The moments spent with you both are truly the most precious and funniest and glorious times of my life," she wrote alongside a selfie featuring herself, Justin and Silas hitting the slopes. "I love you both so much!"

Here's her birthday post:

To be fair, Justin also knows how to pen a flawless Instagram tribute. For example, he wrote this adorable love letter to Jessica in honor of her 38th birthday:

Happy Birthday to the LOVE of my life... A new adventure every day and a treasure to me. I can’t wait to share many more of these with you. Thanks for putting up with me when I smell funky after a round of golf or, when I smell funky in general. You are the mostest of the mostest, my love! I adore you.

Here's to hoping everyone strives for nothing less than partners who view them as the "mostest of the mostest."