Jerry from ‘Cheer’ will be at the 2020 Oscars as a red carpet correspondent.

‘Cheer’ Fans Need To See Jerry Find Out He’s Going To The Oscars In This Video

YouTube/Ellen DeGeneres

It's been just over a month since viewers were first introduced to the cheerleading team at Navarro College, and it's safe to say that Netflix users everywhere are still highly invested in some of the docu-series' most lovable characters and where they are now. While it's still anyone's guess whether fans will get to head back to Corsicana, Texas for a potential follow-up season, viewers will get to see one beloved stunter head back to TV screens in just a few days. Jerry from Cheer will be at the 2020 Oscars as a red carpet correspondent — and he was just as excited about the news as you'd expect.

In a video shared by Ellen DeGeneres on Friday, Feb. 7, viewers learned that they will see Jerry Harris bring his big personality and inspiring "mat talks" to the annual awards show when it airs on Sunday, Feb. 9. The talk show host documented the moment that the show's breakout star found out that he will be representing DeGeneres' team at the event — and it's safe to say that his reaction will have you majorly cheesing.

An off-camera person asks the athlete, "So, are you ready for some exciting news?"

When Harris confirms that he is, he's told, "You’re going to go to LA to be Ellen’s correspondent on the red carpet at the Oscars."

A visibly shocked Harris puts his hand to his mouth as he asks “When?”

When he’s informed his close-up will be in just two weeks, he shouts “Oh my gosh! How did this happen? This is insane,” and basically has a total freakout as he learns more details about his gig. It's so heartwarming, and this video is definitely the remedy to all your Cheer withdrawals.

Just days earlier, Harris admitted that he was "knocked over" by the positive reception to the show in an interview with Vulture.

"Honestly, I feel like I’m still knocked over," he told the publication. "I still feel like it’s unreal. Just talking to celebrities and other sorts of stuff on social media and just the overwhelming love and support we’re getting from those types of people, and even the people that aren’t celebrities that are still showing us love and support … it’s unreal. It’s crazy to us, and we love it."

While he admitted that he didn't "know the answer" when asked about the possibility of a second season, he answered with a resounding "yes" when queried if he'd be down for a sequel.

"Yes, because the amount of people we’ve inspired just by sharing our stories — and it was literally only a few of us — it’s ridiculous, and I love it," he said. "I love all the love and positivity that we’re getting and all the support that we’re getting. I feel like with another season, they could bring the same thing but probably take it a step further."

Only time will tell whether viewers will get to see where everyone ends up at Navarro, but in the meantime, fans hoping to see more of Jerry's infectious personality can tune in to the Oscars red carpet show on Feb. 9.