Jenny Slate Almost "Ruined" Her Proposal In The Most Relatable Way

by Candice Jalili
Noam Galai/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're a living, breathing human being who enjoys a good salami every now and then, Jenny Slate's quote about her proposal is about to be the most relatable thing you'll hear all day. You see, Slate loves salami so much that the delicious deli meat almost got in the way of her ability to say "yes" when her fiancé Ben Shattuck asked for her hand in marriage during a picnic. "I had chosen many of the groceries for the picnic, which means that it was just, like, all salami," Slate told Jimmy Fallon during a Nov. 5 appearance on his show. "I love a sausage!"

In a not-so-relatable portion of this story, I do have to mention that this sausage-filled proposal took place in a gorgeous abandoned French castle. "We were in France," she told Fallon. "And as it happens when you're in France, we came upon an abandoned castle. This happened to me! This is not a lie. We get to the castle, and it's like, 'Oh, it's locked.' But then, of course, we push the gate because we're curious."

When they entered the castle grounds, they came across an elderly group having a picnic, which inspired them to have their own little picnic there complete with Slate's sausages.

"The sun is setting," the Parks and Rec alum continued. "He's holding my hand. He's saying, you know, these beautiful things to me. And all of a sudden, he's like, 'Jenny, you mean so much to me. I love you so much.' I'm like, 'He's about to propose to me! I can feel it coming!'"

One slight hiccup: Slate's mouth was filled with sausage.

"I had a moment to kind of, like, calm myself. Like, could have been the Audrey Hepburn of the situation, like very demure," she shared. "And he's like, 'Will you be my wife?' And of course, at that moment, when I could've been like, 'Yes,' or whatever, I have somehow nervously stuffed, like, all of the sausage into my mouth and I'm like, 'Bleh!'"

Watch Slate recount the adorably awkward story for yourself here:

If love isn't telling your partner "bleh," through a mouth full of salami when they ask for your hand in marriage, I don't want any part of it.