Move Over Jay Z, J. Lo Just Explained Why A-Rod Is Going To Be The Perfect Insta Husband

by Candice Jalili
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As if they weren't already the most perfect couple ever, Jennifer Lopez's quote about Alex Rodriguez's Instagram skills just proves that they're totally meant to be. Allow me to explain. You see, anyone who follows J. Lo on Instagram knows she posts some scorching hot pictures of herself. But who's the one taking all of those pictures? Oh, it's just none other than the one and only A-Rod.

And no, he's not being forced to take these pictures against his will. Believe it or not, our boy A-Rod actually enjoys taking pictures of J. Lo for the 'gram. (I mean, have you seen her? I don't blame him).

“He loves taking pictures and documenting the moment,” Lopez told People of her husband-to-be.

So... how did A-Rod get so good at capturing the perfect Instagram shot? The baseball star credits his daughters with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis, Natasha, 14, and Ella, 10.

“My coaches are my girls — they’re my biggest critics,” Rodriguez says. “I know immediately if I posted something dorky, because both of the girls start blowing me up. They’re like, ‘Dad take that down, we’re teenagers. We’re going to be ragged on at school.’ We have fun with it, but they know best because that’s more their strength.”

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For A-Rod, posting pics of his main ladies on Instagram is a way to have fun after leaving his career in baseball. “I don’t have to play 162 games anymore, so I have a lot time on my hands,” he explained. “I like to have fun.”

While I'm sure A-Rod's dope Instagram taking skills don't hurt their relationship, what J. Lo says is really the key to their love is the amount of time they spend with each other.

“Everything that we do, we do together,” Lopez shares. “We’re constantly supporting each other in our individual endeavors and then we’re thinking about all the things that we can build together.”

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And it's not just the fact that they're physically together all the time. It's the fact that they're constantly supporting each other. They're each other's biggest cheerleaders. "He knows my dreams and I know his dreams, and together we feel like we’re stronger," J. Lo adds. "He is my biggest collaborator, and my biggest supporter.”

During an appearance on the Cubby and Carolina in the Morning radio show in July of 2018, J. Lo also credited good timing as a factor of her successful relationship with A-Rod.

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"I think we’re both in a good place in our lives,” the singer and actress told the show's hosts. “And I think maybe if we would have met in our 20s, maybe not so much… we were both… we’re too crazy. But now at this point in our lives where we both have kids, we both have accomplished certain things in our careers and we’re kinda in that second act of our lives, we really complement each other. It’s like, where I need help, he’s really strong and where he needs help I’m really strong."

And, even when she needs an Instagram, he's still there! Congrats to the happy couple.