J. Lo & A-Rod's Body Language Over Time Has Always Been Strong & Hasn't Faltered One Bit

by Christy Piña
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In some relationships, a couple may be head-over-heels in love with each other, but it may not show in their body language as much as it did when they first started dating. Or vice versa — a couple's body language could reflect their immense love for one another years into the relationship just as much as it did in the first few months. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's body language over time is the latter. Since their very first public appearance at the Met Gala in 2017, the pop star and retired major league baseball player have had nothing but love for each other, and it definitely shows no sign of slowing down.

J. Lo and A-Rod have been together for less than two years, but it feels like so much longer, IMO. Maybe it's the way they constantly post about each other on social media or the picture-perfect moments below, but something about this couple just seems like they're in it for the long haul. The rumor mill has turned a couple times about whether or not Lopez and Rodriguez are engaged, but they've shut them down. Nevertheless, they've made incredible strides in their relationship, and a source even told Us Weekly that the couple combined their finances.

"Everything is working out so well, she doesn't want to jinx it or change anything" by getting married again, the source said. So, while marriage may not be in their future at the moment, that hasn't stopped them from thriving and growing together. Their body language is a clear indicator that for these two, nothing has changed in their affection for each other.

May 2017
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The most obvious thing in this picture is how intensely J. Lo is looking at A-Rod and how taken she already was by him only a few months into their relationship. "Jen has a look of admiration for her man," body language expert Blanca Cobb tells Elite Daily. "Look at the way she’s taking him in with her eyes. And her heart is pulling her body toward Alex."

August 2017
jlo on Instagram

This picture is way too cute, gah! I can't handle it. "Jen looks content as she hangs onto Alex," Cobb points out. "With her head snuggled up to the back of his and her arms wrapped around him, Jen is claiming and enjoying what’s hers." YGG!

May 2018
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Jenny from the block isn't the only one in this relationship who's completely taken by her bae. "In this posed photo, Jen has a seriously sexy stance, while Alex’s body from his shoulders to his feet show who’s captured his heart," Cobb says. He captured hers, and she's captured his, too.

June 2018
jlo on Instagram

It's one thing to be on your A-game when you're at an awards show, or at the Met Gala, but these two are even in sync when they're at the country club for the day. "Even when relaxing, Jen and Alex’s bodies show that they’re emotionally in sync," Cobb explains. "Look at the way their legs are mirror images of each other."

July 2018
jlo on Instagram

This photo perfectly exemplifies how close this gorgeous couple is. "Jen leans on her man, which brings them physically closer. Their eye-lock and serene smiles communicate their love and attraction to each other," she says. "The way her leg is crossed with her knee closer to Alex shows that she welcomes all touch and connection. And Alex catches the silent hint by placing his hand on her knee." So cute!

September 2018
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"With a super sexy leg in front of her man, Jen is saying that this moment is about her," Cobb explains. And that makes total sense. This picture was taken after J. Lo's final performance of her Las Vegas residency. "She's the focus," Cobb points out. "By standing behind his woman, Alex agrees. He’s got her back both figuratively and literally." While A-Rod looks a little confused, like something may not have been right in that moment, their connection is still very noticeable. "Look at the complementary colors of pink hues in their clothes," she mentions. "Whether it was by choice or coincidence, color coordinating is a sign of connection."

J. Lo and A-Rod's body language over time shows that even at the beginning of their relationship, they were both beyond taken with each other, and that hasn't changed. The couple has been together just short of two years, and their body language throughout is proof that their love has been thriving since the beginning. Here's to them.

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