J. Lo & A-Rod Posted The Cutest B-Day Instagrams For Each Other

by Candice Jalili
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On the off chance there was any confusion, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's 2020 birthday Instagrams to each other confirm they're the cutest couple of all time. ICYMI: Lopez turned 51 on July 24 and just three days later, on July 27, Rodriguez turned 45. First, let me start you off by sharing Rodriguez's post for Lopez. Rodriguez pulled out all of the stops by creating a full-on IGTV movie for his bride-to-be set to Dean Martin's "Volare." The first picture in his slideshow? The picture of the very first time they met, 12 years before their first date, during a 2005 Yankees game. Things only get progressively sweeter from there.

"❤️Happy Birthday, Macha!!!.Every moment with you is magical. You are the greatest partner, the best mom, the most amazing performer," he wrote in the perfectly sappy caption on the post, shared a day after Lopez's birthday. "A role model. A hero. An inspiration..I’m so proud of you. I love you so much!"

A day later, Lopez returned the gesture with her own adorable post. Hers was also a video, this time set to Frankie Valli's "I Love You Baby." There are so many charming pictures and videos, ranging from pics from Rodriguez back when he was a Yankees player to videos showcasing their supportive romance.

And just look at her swoonworthy caption:

You are on TV right now and I’m sitting here in the studio watching you and thinking about how I only want to be right here with you... laughing and joking and enjoying life together... whatever that is, wherever that is...doesn’t matter. That’s the blessing I have in you... happy birthday 13...

OK, now for your viewing pleasure, here's Rodriguez's video for Lopez:

Aaaaaaaand here's Lopez's video for Rodriguez:

I know they're both extremely busy A-list celebs who probably have staff taking care of their social media posts, but isn't it kind of sweet imagining them scouring through old pictures and videos trying to put these slideshows together on iMovie?

Whatever the case, I hope they keep the sweet slideshows coming for birthdays to come.