You Have To See The Dating App Ad Jed & His Ex Filmed Before 'The Bachelorette'

ABC/John Fleenor

Bachelor Nation has officially checked out of the mansion and is heading to Bachelor in Paradise's beach. But even so, there's still more drama to dissect regarding Bachelorette Hannah Brown's ex-fiancé Jed Wyatt. The singer-songwriter was already dishonest about his relationship status prior to filming the show, but he also failed to mention he appeared in a dating app commercial with his ex-girlfriend. Jed Wyatt and Haley Stevens' dating app ad is just as awkward as you'd expect, but after all of those "Mr. Right" serenades, is anyone really surprised?

In case you missed the Bachelorette finale, Wyatt finally addressed the reports of him allegedly putting a relationship on hold to appear on The Bachelorette and promote his music. According to his ex Haley Stevens, Wyatt promised her his purpose for going on the show was solely to benefit his career, but upon returning from filming, he ghosted Stevens. It wasn't until Stevens, also a musician, ran into Wyatt at CMA Music Festival that he acknowledged their past, as she recalled to Us Weekly: "He said, ‘It’s weird … everything that’s happening, and it’s all happening so quickly.’ And in my brain, I’m like ... ‘Is he talking about being on this show?’ That’s what’s weird?”

During the finale, fans watched as Wyatt tried to explain Stevens' story to Brown when it first broke in June. He claimed their relationship wasn't serious before revealing he and Stevens vacationed together twice and she threw him a surprise birthday celebration. Needless to say, Brown wasn't pleased, and the couple soon broke up over the phone. Wyatt apologized during the finale's live segment, but the damage was already done.

Seeing how cagey Wyatt was about the truth, it isn't too surprising to learn another detail from his time with Stevens that didn't make it to air. On March 6, the Nashville-based dating app WillCalled posted an ad on its Instagram account explaining its mission to pair up people who want to attend the same event. Sounds cool, right? But it's a little awkward once you realize Wyatt and Stevens are the stars of the commercial, playing a potential couple using the app.

Featuring Wyatt and Stevens' real names, the ad portrays them connecting via the app and meeting outside a concert. Wyatt's infamous brown jacket that appeared throughout The Bachelorette even pops up in the video, hinting at a quick turn-around between his time filming the ad and going on The Bachelorette. As The Bachelorette started filming in mid-March, it makes one wonder: How soon before leaving for Los Angeles did Wyatt film the WillCalled ad?

Wyatt's partnership with the app doesn't end there. As of Aug. 5, WillCalled's website is still advertising the chance to win a June 8 meet-and-greet with Wyatt at a Nashville event. It's not clear whether that meet-and-greet actually happened, but fans do know that by that date, Wyatt and Brown were engaged, and it was only a few days before PEOPLE first reported Stevens' claims on June 18.

According to Brown, their relationship was shaky even before the PEOPLE story broke: Wyatt told her about Stevens on the night after their engagement (though he seriously downplayed the relationship). Once the couple was back in the United States, Wyatt apparently telling his friends he "won" the show rather than going the more romantic route and saying he got engaged also rubbed Brown the wrong way.

Can Bachelor Nation retroactively rip up Wyatt's final rose on Brown's behalf? This app ad is fuel to an already unbelievable fire, but at least it seems the Bachelorette has escaped these flames for good.