Jed Wyatt Is "So Happy" With His Reported New GF, Model Ellen Decker

by Candice Jalili

If you've been wondering what he's been up to since being dumped by Hannah Brown, it appears that Jed Wyatt is moving on with Ellen Decker, a Miami-based model and personal trainer. Wyatt and Decker have been acting pretty couple-y in his Instagram Stories on Oct. 30, though they haven't outright confirmed that they're in a relationship. (Elite Daily reached out to Jed Wyatt and a rep for Ellen Decker about the reported relationship; Wyatt did not return the request for comment in time for publication, and Decker's rep denied knowledge of the relationship, but confirmed the woman in the photos was her client.)

The first story Wyatt posted featuring Decker was taken at a burrito shop. Wyatt films two gigantic burritos and, just when you think the video is going to end, he briefly features Decker, who appears to be sitting by his side and also filming the huge burritos presumably for her own Instagram Stories. At this point, Wyatt was still keeping things pretty low-key by refraining from tagging Decker.

For any of you big-time fans out there who just need to know what this mystery woman looks like, don't fret. I come bearing screenshots. Here's a screenshot from the video of them at the burrito shop:

Instagram/Jed Wyatt

After the truly gigantic burritos, Decker and Wyatt sat facing the ocean to enjoy a beautiful sunset view. As you can see in the screenshot above, Decker was wearing a beanie. Wyatt, who was also wearing a beanie throughout the day, narrated the entire hot, sweaty sunset-watching experience with a couple of videos on his Instagram.

"Update: took the beanie off. Watching the sunset," he began as he faced the camera towards his own sweaty face. "Sweating still, everywhere."

After giving his followers an update on the status of his own sweatiness, Wyatt shifted the camera over to Decker (who he actually tagged this time!) and gave us an update on her. "Ellen is not sweating," he stated.

"I am," she retorted. "I'm drenched."

"No you're not," he insisted. "Your face is dry."

"Feel my forehead!" Decker said.

At that point, Wyatt dropped the whole sweat conversation and decided to end the story with this simple conclusion: "I don't know. Miami's awesome, though."

According to Cosmopolitan, Decker also took to her Instagram Stories to play on the sweaty joke by posting a selfie of herself and Wyatt in their beanies alongside the caption, "hot & sweaty in these but so happy."

Instagram/Jed Wyatt

OK, so they really could just be two friends who like to grab giant burritos together and watch sunsets and flirt about how sweaty they are. Or... they could be a legit couple. Only time shall tell.